Shelby Daytona Coupe

Hey all,

How does the Shelby Daytona “Barn Find” get triggered? I really wish there was some way to concrete nail down how these things happen :smiley:

for example spoiler alerts if you click on the link, maybe - are examples of all the barn finds
Horizon Barn Finds
IGN Barn Finds Guide

however, neither of these have the cars unlocked in the order I’ve gotten them :smiley: And luckily, I got the 'Cuda (another favorite) second.

Here are my stats:
Green Wristband
26.4% Complete
8H 44M gameplay time
23 Victories
13 Podiums
23 Races
26 Cars in the Garage
1.456M total winnings
6.9M garage value
67 popularity level
6 of 9 Barnfinds
First - Gullwing Mercedes
Second - 'Cuda
Third - Aston Martin DB5
Fourth - Bugatti
Fifth - BMW
Sixth - Jaguar

100% Discount Signs
100% Roads Discovered
100% Speed Traps
100% Speed Zones
100% Horizon Outposts Discovered
25 of 30 PR Stunts Completed

Top Speed - 247mph
Miles Driven - 663.3 miles
Biggest Air - 246.4 feet

Festival Events - 4 of 20
Street Races Won - 0 of 30
Showcases Won - 8 of 10
Star Showdowns Won - 1 of 7
Race Encounters Won - 10
Time in Festival Races - 7m55s
Time in Street Races - 0m0s
Time in Showcases - 19m48s

Highest Chain Score - 35,530

I am missing the 100% discounts at these Outposts, with the “Skill Challenge” being the only one being a challenge lol
Clifton Valley
Finley Dam
Gladstone Creek
Kettle Hills

okay, if you read all that, then maybe you’ll read the rest :smiley:

Basically, I bought Test Drive Unlimited because of the Shelby Daytona.
I bought Forza 3 with all DLCs because of the Shelby Daytona
I then bought Forza 4 and Forza Horizon because of the Shelby Daytona

see a trend?

Basically… back when I was a kid in high school, I was playing Gran Turismo 2, I think. I unlocked the Daytona coupe for the first time. I appreciated it for being a Shelby, but I laughed at the “Daytona” part. My dad is a MOPAR guy, and to me and him, the only “Daytona” came with a giant gullwing on the back end. My Uncle, who since has passed away, a man who had worked for Ford for over 30+ years in the SVT group, set me straight. He taught me about the car, taught me about Caroll Shelby and the races against the world and Ferrari in particular. He wanted to prove to me how special these cars were, so took me to the track.

He showed me three different kit cars -
A Shelby SuperCobra 427 FE
A Shelby Daytona Coupe with a stout 289.

I got the privilege of being scared out my wits in all three of them around that racetrack :smiley:

Needless to say, even though I’ve owned a 1969 El Camino SS that ran low 11s, a 79 Pontiac Trans Am 400/4sp with T-Tops (yes she was black originally lol), and because of my dad have always also loved MOPAR, I think deep down inside though, I’m a “Snake-eater.”

I’m actually in the process of building a couple Factory Five Racing cars right now. These games are my way of “venting” when the builds drive me nuts! :smiley: I think finding the Daytona Coupe in a “barn find” is genius.

as a whole I think this is a great game.

So, still no Daytona.

BUT… I’m now blue wristband. And for the “S” class “Oakley Heat Wave” race, I decided to purchase a BMW Z4. I figured “it’s close to a Cobra” in its wheelbase and such :smiley:

I swapped out its puny engine for that beastly M3 E90-whatever and cammed her out got her right to 699. Man what a car!! I then put twin turbos to go really stupid and have had such a blast just driving around! Hands down the meanest power-to-weight I’ve driven yet, and even with all assists off but with a clutch - easily the best “drivers car” I’ve driven in the game. Such fun!

I thought there was a particular order but it’s pretty random. You got six of them very quickly. I’m mid way through pink and haven’t gotten as many.


You just have to wait, it is kind of a random event

man, I really wish we could figure out what triggers these “barn finds.” :smiley:

I have all 9 now! The open cockpit Aston Martin, the Ferrari, and MY Shelby Daytona. Man what a ride! :smiley:

so here’s what’s changed since my last post:
37.2% game complete
16H34m driving time
50 Victories
27 Podiums
50 Races
2.576M winnings
#1 Popularity Level
28 of 30 PR Stunts
1,225 miles driven

want my humble opinion? I think it has to do with “driving time” and “miles driven.” Maybe with popularity in there as well, or maybe even 50 victories, or races? 50 sounds like a good number?

I’ve heard some people have completed the whole game though without getting all the “barn finds.” Yet, here I am, at “Blue Wristband” level, with ALL of them. I swear, it took all of a couple hours today, just driving around, enjoying the Daytona, building a Miata for those street races (cheapest car in the game with good hp/wt) and the Aston Martin DBR1 unlocked and literally maybe 30 minutes later the Ferrari unlocked too.

it’s hilarious, I’ve yet to drive my Daytona in a festival race (haven’t found one yet lol) but after spending about 3 hours last night working on her decals, I wanted to take her around the block.

That was at about 3 am.
7am my lady gets up for work… and I’m still driving the Daytona! :smiley: Now, I’ve put more miles on that car, than I did any others. Hence my theory about “miles driven” being a key factor. Although, 50 victories sounds “right” too. I just picked a lot of fights last night in the Daytona, and now today in that DBR1 Aston Martin lol