Shelby Cobra bug?

Hey everyone, been a Forza player since Forza 1 (OG Xbox sits next to my One)

This is my first post on the forums, so please excuse anything that isn’t “proper”

Anyways, I noticed this in Forza 4 and now its back in Forza 6. A odd bug seems to appear when the
camshaft upgrade is fitted on the Shelby Cobra (Not the Daytona Coupe). The dyno graph seems to
drop off vertically at the end of the power curve, and when you drive the Cobra, the car has no rev limiter,
and will “wind out” at around 7000 RPM.

This doesn’t seem to affect the game at all, or even the car for that matter… No other cars in the game
will do this from what I’ve seen. Opinions?

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I’ve never noticed this. I’m going to try it out later today and see if mine works the same way.

The cobra in at least 4, FH2 and maybe 5 also (not sure about that one) never hit a rev limiter for me. Use to screw me up, waiting to hear for the shift points. But the funniest part was when the race ends in 4 at least, when the Computer “stig” would take over, it would never shift. Just continue to cruise around the track in 1st full wound up, 7000rpm or so, 65-70mph down a huge long straight. Never understood why, but it always made me laugh.

I could be mistaken, but I believe this was true of the IRL Cobra as well: no limiter.

If you didn’t shift up, the motor would just keep building revs until it ate itself, either via a thrown pushrod, bent valve, or blown head gasket.

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Numerous cars in this game didn’t come with a rev limiter and don’t exhibit this behavior though if I understand the op correctly. Old bugs don’t have them either but most muscle cars did. That said a rev limiter on a car with a distributor is a counter weighted rotor which doesn’t take any tools to swap. So whether they came with one or not you generally don’t see cars without them.

Aye, good point. The Cobra’s got an ordinary late 60’s Ford 427 in it, not even the only car in the game with that engine (I think).

Same engine as the GT40??

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A Haynes manual would have the answer, but I know for sure by 69 427’s they shipped with one. That’s not to say Shelby for whatever reason decided to not have one. It’s an accessory of an accessory essentially. Even if they used the same engine I’m not sure they necessary used exactly the same ancillary parts like radiators/cooling fans, distributors, coils etc.

If I remember correctly, rev limiters didn’t exist in the mid 60’s.