Share game with sister

Hey. I’ve bought Forza horizon 4 with my sister. But we don’t wan’t the same game progress is there an option to do that.


Yeh create separate gamertags and gameshare
Its not a game option
Its an xbox thing

If you use the same console, you should just be able to sign out of your account, and have her sign in with hers.

The owner of the game must be signed into the Xbox, OR have the Xbox set as their Home XBox, for other sign ins to also play the game.

With 2 Xboxes, 2 people can play Forza at the same time with one copy: 1 player (not the owner) sign ins to the owners Home Xbox, a 2nd player (maybe the owner) signs into an Xbox the owner is signed in to.

Useful to know if (a) you are a parent with kids (b) you miss couch-co-op games. Less useful if the kids turn out to not play Forza with you, but a real money saver in hindsight. Or siblings.