Share cars with friends

Is it possible to share and/or give cars to friends in forza horizon 3?

Sorry No due to problem with people selling them for real money


Just do an ebay search for Horizon 3 and you will see the problem with people selling in game credits just think if you could gift cars, rare cars would end up being sold on Ebay

Unfortunately not.

That option was taken off the games now only FM2 3 4 AND FH have it am afraid mate

My apologies, I’m still somewhat new here and have only a passing knowledge of all the ways ne’er-do-wells seek to exploit this title for personal gain. Thank you for explaining that the lack of ability to share or gift in-game assets prevents them from being sold for profit in the real world.

Dash cunning, that is.


Thats fine and is a shame it happens as it prevents a lot of good things being in games and also spoils some aspects of gaming, Swaping cars would be a good thing in this game as if you had two of one car you could swap it for one you dont have, and caping the AH max prices would go a long way to prevent it from being used to make Real Money Not sure how much but perhaps double the list price or so.

With luck it will get sorted out one day as I quite enjoy Forza games But knowing that any HE car I sell on the AH may be used to make actual Money not so good a feeling.

Actually… you can, kind of.
If you are in online free roam, the leader sets up an event where all you can use is the car you want to “share”.
If the other players don’t have the car, the game will give them an option to rent a car. That car will be a replica of yours, right down to the tune.
It does NOT give them a copy to keep however. As soon as the race is over, they’re back in their own hunk-o-junk.


People would also gift modded cars

I remember my friend got sent a Bus in the OG Forza Horizon