Shake's Wheelie tunes - List of available [BEST] UPDATED FEB 22ND 2016

Hey guys, recently I’ve been working on several wheelie tunes after realizing that every tune that is shared either doesn’t work properly or not at all. All cars are capable of doing the best brakebump wheelies, and I will always be working on more. You can feel free to message me on Xbox for suggestions etc. Currently I have:

For most the most effective brake-wheelies, you will need:
Clutch ON
ABS off
Stability OFF

Ariel Atom
Abarth 595
RUF Yellowbird
RUF 12
VW Beetle
VW Beetle Desert Racing
Alfa 4C
MG Metro (Capable of doing wheelie-donuts on long enough open stretch) - Re-tweaking this one as of Feb 9th 2016, new tune posted - try both see which you like

Update Feb 5th 2016-
Bugatti Eb110 Wheelie tune

Update Feb 09 2016
Terradyne Gurkha Wheelie Tune
VW Bus

Update Feb 10th 2016
Dodge Charger F&F Edition
Lamborghini Urus
Lancia 037 Stradale
Lancia Delta s4
Renault Sport Clio V6
#7 Super Stadium Truck
Ultima GTR

Update Feb 22nd 2016
Hummer H1
Ford F100 (Unsure if this one went through with posting as my game likes to crash upon uploading this truck… someone let me know?

MG Metro redone to do INSANE wheelie donuts! You want to get a bit of lift in 2nd with heated tires, crank a turn as you shift to 3rd and hold throttle down to spin for a good minute or more depending on if you hit anything or not !
Lotus V8

I am going to try the VW Beetle Desert Racing. I will post the results soon!

Added Bugatti Eb110, capable of holding wheelie for a good 5+ seconds in 4th gear down drag stretch !

My VW Wheelie car using your tune!

Greats pics glad you enjoyed! Added Terradyne wheelie tune, stay tuned for more :slight_smile:

Yet another quick update, any suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated