[SGC_]Bigdude974-Rally car replicas/NEW Hankook Corsa and Super Taikyu Skyline

Hi guys my name is Guillaume and I’m french. I do not consider myself a painter but I really enjoy making replicas. I currently have a lot of free time so if you have any requests ask me and I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:


Repsol Ford Escort Cosworth 1992

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII 2005 WRC

Ford Focus RS WRC 2006 Rally Wales GB

Renault Sport Clio V6 based on the Clio S2000

Ken Block Ford F150 Raptor Trax

*also available for the Shelby Raptor

Ken Block Gymkhana 1 Subaru Impreza

Ferrari 288 GTO Rally

Lancia 037 Martini

Subaru Impreza Rally USA

Golf II Rally

Vaughn Gittin Jr Mustang

Antoine L’Estage #17 Rockstar Lancer Sno* Drift Rally

Dave Mirra’s Subaru Impreza #40 Sno* Drift Rally

Blomqvist/Cederberg #9 Audi Quattro Winner of 1982 Rallye San Remo

WRC Subaru BRZ

Evasive Honda S2000

Dave Mirra 2011 X-Games Subaru

Hankook Corsa

Super Taikyu Skyline

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Not a bad start mate only thing I would say is the repsol could do with being a bit more skewed

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Looks pretty good for being a first design. +1 to what Cruse said but after that it’s looking real good. I can’t wait to see more from you.

Thanks guys!! I wan’t satisfied by the repsol either and I decided to restart the whole thing because I think the colors weren’t accurate enough
I added the Michelin Bibendum and tried my best for the Repsol. It’s not perfect but thats the best I can do so far

And voila !! It’s done and shared search my GT to find it.

I added the last missing logos except the Pepe jeans that I couldn’t make and also the Rally logo on the hood because I couldn’t find a good picture to make it.

Looks pretty good mate, especially for a first paint. Good job here!

Thanks Ace ^^
I’m already working on a new project. There’s still a lot of work to do I have lot’s of decals to make

Good starter, watch your size of plate on the evo, letters look a bit large…

As Polizei said, the letters on the plate look a bit too large - other than that, looks very promising.

Also, superb job on the Escort, it’s very good for a first replica and very good overall, I’ll be sure to nab one!

Good start dude keep up the good work

Hi guys!! Thanks for your comments and advices ^^

The Lancer Evo is done and shared just search my GT to find it
Here are the pics

So what changed since the last update?

First I fixed the size of the letters of the plate like you guys sugested. Also I changed the stock silver paint that was too shiny to a semi matte grey which is more accurate.
I also added the sponsor decals except the ones on the side of the spoiler because I couldn’t find any possible way to put them there.

So this was my last design for this year because I’m going on Christmas holidays with my family far away from my beloved Xbox :frowning:
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I hope to see you soon with new designs in 2015 :slight_smile:

Looking good, especially if these are you first attempts

Nice job with the Evo mate, keep on painting your really getting somewhere!

Great work on the Evo! Next is to work on the widebody kit for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Think I have to pick this up for mine since my Evo currently has no design on it :slight_smile:

Hi guys!! Thanks for your comments and everything, I’m starting to feel more confident with the livery editor and it’s really great ^^ Somehow I managed to get back home earlier than expected.
So I’m currently working on a new car.
It’s practically done. The only important thing left is the BP Ultimate logo but I still struggle to make logos from nothing so I usually take one from the storefront as a model to make my own.
And this time I couldn’t find a proper BP Ultimate logo to reproduce so if you guy have one and are willing to share I would be very happy.

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Soo!! The Focus is finished and shared. Search my GT to find it as usual. It’s Marcus Gronholm #3 Focus RS WRC during the 2006 Wales Rally GB.
I honestly think it’s my best replica so far and I hope you guys will like it ^^

The pics:

Well I guess I can scrap my evo rep since yours is pretty spot on! I was looking for a design for the Ford as well since I have two for some reason and yours will do nicely.

So guys I’m back with a new replica!! It’s my version of the Clio S2000 on the Clio V6.

Also I finally took the time to make a proper Monster Enegy logo and so I can now make a replica i really like: Ken Block’s Raptor Trax
Actually the Monster logo was way easier to do than I expected. Still have a few logos to make but the biggest part is done

So the Raptor is finished and shared. Search my GT to find it.

Hi guys !! New replica today !! It’s Ken Block’s Gymkhana 1 Subaru Impreza. As usual to find it you have to search my GT. Here are the pics