Several things to improve

I want to write these few lines because I do not agree with some changes to the game compared to the old editions.
I think I played all the editions of Forza and more or less the game has always been improved.
In Forza 7 the improvements in terms of graphics are undoubtable, but at the level of the game in my opinion there are many defects that I now try to describe quickly:
1 no longer exists the trail effect, certainly it was a choice taken after much discussions but it is clear that it does not correspond to reality;
2 you have finally introduced multiplayer durability contests; but why only with a car category? They would be beautiful even with other classes!!
3 it is not possible to make races of duration in circuits sometimes less than 3 km, hallucinating!!! There are so many circuits that those shorts in this kind of competition do not make any sense.
4 in the lobby is no longer possible during a race started to see the event live, big mistake in my opinion, it was a fun thing.
5 during the race and at the end of the race appear the exit messages of the competitors and the countdown to complete the event, as well as in the old editions, right in front of the view, but how can you think of doing such a thing, move it somewhere else, it’s not such important information that it often has to compromise good driving!!!
6 during a live competition the gaps are only in m. and not in sec. , another incomprehensible thing.
7 in preconfigured multiplayer races there are no longer those per class, why???
8 if a player wants to try setups and cars in the various circuits against the opponents’ ghosts, he can not do it anymore, why???
9 if I wanted to give a car, to anyone, for example my little nephew, I can not!! why???

I hope that my ideas are also those of other players and that you listen to them.

Best regards.