Settings (wheel, voiceover, probably others) not saving?

[Edit: I played around with this some more and realize that the actual issue is that while I was editing the right custom wheel profile, each time I launch the game it was defaulting me back to the built-in “Logitech G920” profile and not the custom profile. Isn’t there a way for the game to use the custom wheel profile by default?]

[also Edit: The voiceover behavior is still annoying as hell, none of the accessibility options will make it shut up. ARGH!]

Hi, whenever I launch FH5 (on Windows 10), all the wheel and accessibility settings I’ve made and saved in the previous session are cleared.

Basically I have to redo all my bindings every time I run the game, and the voice over (narrating the options on screen) always plays because turning them off only lasts until I quit the game.

Is anyone else seeing this? I didn’t see this mentioned in the list of known issues.

I’ve seen numerous reports of this happening with FH4. Why does this bug even exist in 2021?

I have the same issue with custom wheel profile 1 working fine with my Thrustmaster TMX wheel on PC until I exit the game. Then it defaults back to the built-in Thrustmaster TMX profile every time I restart. I have to go back into settings to reselect my custom wheel profile.

Anyone figure out how to get FH5 to remember the wheel profile to use at next game start?

same here, profile is all good, but when i restart the game it uses “logitech g920 profile” rather than profile 1

any fix?

today I wrote a ticket again for the “game switches back to the defaultWheelProfile everytime the game gets closed” issue…

I wonder how many more month pc-wheelusers get completly ignored…

as a software developer I know this is a easy and fast to fix bug