Settings for G923 in FM7 on X Box

I need some help. I have a G923 wheel which is used exclusively on an X Box 1 console. I also play only Forza Motorsports 7. I am having a very difficult time getting the setting right for the wheel with this game. Is anyone here willing to share their setting if they play FM7 on a console with G923 wheel. i realize I might be a bit off topic here but running out of options. Most if not all cars are uncontrollable and their reactions are very unrealistic to the situations at hand. Thanks in advance for the help. Maybe this post in in the wrong spot but looking for any advice. I tried the settings suggested in the support section of this site it it did help but still very unnatural and not drivable.


Hi David550xi,

I’m using the Logitech G923 as well and as you had to fiddle and tweak with the settings to make the cars contollable. I’ve found that so far the below settings work best for me:

All deadzone insides are set to 0 except decelaration, that’s set to 5.
Steering and acceleration and decelaration deadzones outside are set to 80.
Clutch deadzone outside is set to 70.

Vibration scale = 40
Force Feedback Scale = 100
Aligning Torque = 150
Mechanical Trail = 100
Pneumatic Trail = 120
Road Feel Scale = 80
Load Sensitivity = 100
Wheel Damper Scale = 100
Center Spring Scale = 20
Dynamic Damper Behavior = 50
Wheel Rotation Angle = 460
Steering Linearity = 45

I hope these settings will work for you as well, or at the very least give you a solid starting point to tweak to your personal preferance.

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Hi David550xi.
How are you going with your wheel settings? I’ve got 6 years of xp on forza but up until today I’ve never used a wheel. I got these settings of my team mate HGR Aussie66 and I’m having fun fun fun baby. Lol. I’ve got a slightly different setup than Demon 4 (not saying Demon 4’s setup is bad) and sometimes it’s worth trying something different.
Good luck. :sunglasses:
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