Settings for controller

As I am getting back to FM6 tomorrow after being away form Xbox since October I have a question. Should I leave the controller settings the way they are or are there other settings that are better?

Set the steering and throttle deadzones 0-100.

Other than that, nothing that I’ve seen or read on here in terms of “improving controller handling”.

I set all my inside deadzones to 0, and most of outside deadzones are at 100 except for steering which I left at 95. I had steering at 100 for a while but I find it’s a tiny bit easier for me at 95.

You should definitely adjust the breaking dead zones especially if you’re going to drive with ABS off. I found it very hard to brake smoothly with the default settings.

I have been playing Forza games since Forza 2. Just last week I changed my dead zones from 0-100 first time ever. It has made Forza 6 a totally different game, sad I wasted six months not having those settings.

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0/100 as well for clutch and brakes too, makes a world of difference.

My settings I have steering at 8/100 and the brake and acceleration I have adjusted as well to my own preference, but all outside deadzones are at 100, the inside differs slightly with accel and decel but they are minimal, probably at 2 or 3, I prefer a little play in these controls, makes me able to drive the S,R, and P classes without using any assists fairly easily.

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It is generally advisable to keep deadzones for steering, braking and throttle at 0/100. This gives you the most range and allows for a better range or travel, so you can make finer adjustments.

However, if you’re having trouble getting the car to turn hard enough around apexes, set to normal steering and reduce outside steering deadzone to 85 or 80.

Agree with the general consensus here. 0/100 for me as well. Been using those settings for years

Switch the clutch to the A button.