Setting up a solo time trial?

I’m sure this was answered a long time ago somewhere but I can’t find it.

I want to run just a solo time trial on a route. Is there anyway to set this up? Basically because Rivals looks shoe horned into being specific cars on certain routes, I want to be able to set up my own time trial (rivals I guess the game likes to call them) for whatever car specifics I want (A800, etc). Is this even possible? Blueprint doesn’t work because there is no way to remove drivatars. I haven’t tried custom route, but I’m assuming it would have exactly the same issue as regular BluePrint.

The only way to set a time trial with custom routes is a bit of a hack. You make a massive loop away from intended route right at the start without placing any checkpoints, then a bit past the start you place first checkpoint and route as normal. The drivertars go running off into the country while you drive normal.

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It doesn’t need to even be that complicated, just send the AI off wherever you want. If you’re hot lapping then you likely already know the route you want to do without a driving line or checkpoints anyway. If you know the map well and are a bit mad, you can even use this method to make routes that are longer than the 40m/64km route limit. I have one route that I know by heart that takes more than 30 minutes for one lap to be completed!

Just set the difficulty lower and increase the lap count to at least 2 laps in the blueprint. 1st lap naturally won’t be a “clean” lap but once you are far away from the AI you will start and finish the 2nd lap “clean” as if you were just hotlapping. However if you want to compare the lap time from a standing start then unfortunately there’s no way to do that without being interrputed by the AI from the start.

My sprint test track has a drivatar loop in the beginning. On “new driver” difficulty you always start 3rd place (if I remember correctly), so the drivatars can be passed easily without interference, which makes the track perfect for comparing times. The track is called “Aerodrome Test Track” and there are three versions, dry, wet and winter.

I raised a support ticket to ask for a “No Drivatars” option in the drivatar difficulty selection. I suggest anyone who also wants this raises their own support ticket, as I believe they count up the number of people asking for the same thing when deciding what to implement.

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Just wanted to say thank you for all the helpful responses and ideas to use to trick the game to get a TT.

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