Sesto Elemento

So I’m thinking of getting the Lamborghini Ses. Elemento at the auction house. I will need 4 million credits and since I’m only a lvl 160, I only have 1 mil credits ATM. I get the credits from the highway bucket list which I earn 300k XP every 20 mins. Now my question: is it worth it? The only reason I’m getting it is because it is a good handling car, it’s good looking, and I guess it could be considered as a “Trophy” Idk if I should spend 4M Credits on this car? or should I get some other rare car or get the 5 missing HE cars I have?
Just give me your opinion.

Thanks, Hubzert

It’s a fantastic car! I drive it a lot. Looks amazing and sounds great. Might be my favorite car in FH3 :slight_smile:
EDiT: it might look like a spaceship but it is very analog to drive. You can really feel the car and enjoy its amazing handling, even in this “arcade” like game. It’s a keeper!

Definitely worth it.

Try racing with a credits boost Horizon edition car. You’ll get less XP, but more money. Also, beating rivals is a good way to make a quick buck in a few laps.