Servers not working

i was having trouble uploading a few photos this am and now i come on the website and i can see a thumbnail but cant click on it to see the full size image, anyone else having a similar issue

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Yeah. Exact same for me

Same here, it happens occasionally. I have saved my photos and share later

ok cheers will try again in a bit

I was facing the same problem yesterday, but today all my previous shared photos disappeared from the website. I tried to unshare/share but still missing.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I too have had this issue since yesterday. After the server issues everything I’ve posted has been wiped, and I cannot see the new photos I have shared when on the site.

Hoping this issue is resolved soon.

same problem here -.-

Sorry for double post but i still have the problem. anyone else?

Still no Photos shown here on the Webpage since Friday, but my Gallery in FH3 is full.

Yea still having this exact problem. Its starting to annoy me. Even my forza 6 photos are gone.

Any lucky ? Mine are still not showing up

nope…still the same problem. Also my FM6 photos are away now :smiley:

My FH3 and FM6 photos are also gone.

Its really putting a dampner on an otherwise great game

I am also having this issue. I can only see photos from Forza Motorsport 3. I tried the Forza Hub app and it says I have no photos shared. I hope it’s fixed soon.

The empty Gallery still exist for me since over a week. So i switched to and make Photos witrh it. Works perfect.