Servers not available

I’m new to the game… In fact to xbox… Today is my first day owning it…
I’ve been playing since morning… Went online in the game once to test it…
Now though it says the forza horizon 2 is not currently available… And some times it says that my profile cannot be verified by the server…
I can’t go online…
I tested the connection in the xbox setting it says ok and i am connected and all features are available… But in the game i can’t go online…

What’s the peoblem here??

Welcome to many annoying issues you will run into with the Xbone. Dont worrie im having the same issues it’s great isn’t it.

I’ve had the game since day one and this is the first problem I’ve ever had with it. is there no official word yet?

I’m having the same connection problems

Having the same problem here. I can’t look at designs, download cars, or anything. It doesn’t happen often though, at least not in my experience. I think you just happened to catch it at a rare bad time.

Having the same issue :frowning:

same issue here

Same here, been waiting over an hour now to play online, with a couple of my other buddies also waiting to play

Same here. It’s been 3 hours and tired of watching TV.

Seems the servers are down. Yes.
Hope it does not effect the daily payout.
It’s nearly my bedtime. HAHA.
Hope it is so they are sorting everything out for the Forza 6 rewards programme

I went into the forza hub yesterday, it showed the forza 6 trailer and then the rewards I have waiting in forza 6, over 5 mil dollars, a car, etc, i thought they already worked this out hence it showed me my rewards

this happens to me as well, what helps me id I exit from the game completely so it resets then I start it up again and it works almost all of the time.

I was hoping it wasn’t just me… So no one knows if it’s restricted to just FH2 or if it’s all Forza titles? I need to get into my other games & start buying meaningless cars to bump up my Forza 6 rewards…

All servers are down

Forza 5 is up and running fine. Though watch out for the little kids online who just want to crash into people.

Happened to me many of times its about time they sorted this out! It’s a joke… we pay out loads of money buying console the games the packs online isn’t free it’s a joke crashes all the time, kicks u out of the online sessions it’s so annoying, surprised I have
a xbox left many times I wana throw it through the window!! So yeah I’m the same guys say here fumming because yet again the servers down! :-1::-1:

Well it was down a couple hours ago, last time I checked it

2 hours now of the servers being down and still no official word…way to keep us informed! Guess I’ll go play one of the competitors racing games.

Servers are also offline for me

Down here too uk