Servers down?

It appears that the Forza 3 servers are down again :frowning: Hopefully they fix it so I can work on some of the selling achievements.

FM3 auction house and store front is closed and has been for some time.

how long is “for some time” because I was just on there not to long ago and everything was uploading and downloading fine

I just got the game for the hell of it…but cant play online…turn 10 needs to think about there players instead of the money

FM3 is about 7 years old? Think T10 have done enough to justify turning off the servers…if indeed they have

The real question is, why not be honest about it? There is a poster in another thread who has contacted support multiple times about the issue. He was told by several people who should be in the know, that the server controlling auction house, storefronts and the like would be fixed and these functions would return. Why? What do Turn 10 or Microsoft gain by deception? Why not simply come clean and say “look, the game is really old, and maintaining full functionality is not a priority for us any more.”

For my part, I seldom play the 2009 game anymore, but I know I’d fire it up much more often if I could still trade cars, tuning setups, liveries, and vinyls. The racing is still head and shoulders above games like you get from EA Sports, Playstation etc. even though it is seven years old (and I know that’s ridiculously old for an online game these days!

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EXACTLY. This is a lack of respect (disrespect).

I had around 3 cars up when the auction house went down. If T10 aren’t going to restore the severs at least give me the in game money I’m owed.

This isn’t me being arrogant.