servers down again?

I launched FH# this afternoon about 3p.m in Idaho and cannot access anything online. I was gonna do forzathon. also how how do you share a video clip?
about servers being down there up again. I checked google and cant find how to share a video clip just wondering.

They go down periodically. And you take game captures with the home button (one press while in game).

Forzathon doesn’t start for another 8 hours

You probably need the game update.

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First off you have to upload your game clips, go to your profile sellect the captures tab last one then sellect manage clips, this will bring up a list where you can then sellect save to Xbox live or cloud or share.
Save them to Live then go to you browser on a PC and go to the Xbox website log in sellect my Xbox this will take you to your game clips and other Xbox related stuff. You can download from ther or copy the url to post picks in forums and other places.
You can also use the PC Xbox app to do the same download the App log in and you will be able to save game clips to your computer for upload to sites like Utube, Flicker and the like.

I’m also having trouble getting into any online. it’s only the game that is affected anything else on my PC works just fine with their internet