It would be REALLY nice if the server wasn’t down for 7 plus hours now! Been trying to download the hotwheels pack AND the update. This happens every month. I thought F5 had dedicated servers? HURRY UP AND FIX THIS! Not everyone enjoys waiting all night for issues to get resolved

Dedicated servers are for lobbies. Content servers are different.

If you want the update and it has not triggered yet I suggest the following:

  1. Try a cold reboot (but make sure no games are running at the time) by holding the power button on the console for about 5 seconds. Then once it has fully turned off, turn it on and start Forza 5 again.

  2. If that did not work go to your console settings and go to the power and startup options. If you are on instant on mode and auto game update then turn the auto game update off, and change the other option to energy save made, back out to dash and start FM5 again. If not luck reboot and try again.

  3. Whatever you did in step 2 do the opposite ie change to the opposite power option and reboot and try again.

I left my console as auto update overnight and it would not update. I rebooted and it worked.

The server was out for me when I got home, and the pack was not there. Did the cold restart, and boom, life was good.

The server is not out as such - it just needs to make sure that everyone playing online has the same version of the software / update. Do what you have to do to get the update downloaded and all is good.

The point I am making is it is a necessary thing because of the way dlc cars are handled. It is not the case that the server is playing up.