Server unnavalable ?

how do i fix, this freaking xbox one !@#!@#&^!@#&^!@#&^!^3

Multiplayer unavailable

You provide very little information including whether this is a new thing or if you always get it.

Before starting if your ISP is Virgin turn on ipsec in your router.

Step 1 - check here

At the moment there is some problem mentioned. It may be the cause of your issue or maybe not.

Step 2 - back out to the very first Forza screen. Press the guide button on controller and go to the Home screen. Hold the power button on your console for 5 seconds until it turns off. Wait until the console stops making noises (it takes around 10 - 15 secs to shut off totally).

Step 3 - reboot modem / router and wait for about 5 minutes or until all lights are back on the modem router.

Step 4 - turn on console and try again.

Step 5 - if it still fails check the xbox live status again. Only worth going further if that says all is well.

Step 6 - if status on xbox live is ok then on home screen press menu button and choose settings.

Step 7 - on network connection run all 3 tests on the right hand side and report back all findings including if your nat is open. Also let us know if you are on a wired connection or wireless.

I know how the system must be shut down then reset, i even did MAC adress clear thing cause it was an answer to an other problem before, im just getting sick of this really.

It worked once yesterday when i got the new preview patch, now still not working, just completly shut it down.

I never had problem with forza before. This xbox thing is getting on my nerve ! slow and barely working :@!@#!@!@#

Made it work, looks like clearing mac address is the answer wtf !?

I used that “trick” when recording stop working…

Not normal for a 2014 system, nintendo 64 was more reliable !

Any other fix ? quite anoying