Server Not Available

No online options available, they’re all greyed out. I’m online, subscription is up to date and I download all updates. Worked fine for me until this weekend after spending a week on GTAV… I can’t even look at vinyl groups-I get the ‘Server not available’ message.5

2 questions:
1: is this just me? My mates are all in lobbies
2: is there a fix?

I’ve been Xbox and Forza loyal since day 1, but now it feels like I’m wasting money on an XBL account. Is this true?

Anytime this occurs, the first step in troubleshooting is to perform a complete console power cycle (do not just turn off/on your Xbox One). If your friends are currently online and, thus, the servers are not down, I am 99.9% certain this will fix your issue.


Cheers bro

So that didn’t work, someone told me to reinstall and I did that last night. Any other options?

Have you actually progressed through the Forza Horizon 2 single player campaign, and how far?

Yea like in the first day…can make my own championships etc now but I haven’t been offline racing for over a month…
I’ve been online before if that’s what you mean, I’m level 170 and prob 120 of that has been drifting online

Next step: reset your cable modem and router.

So I called ISP this morning and reset the modem their way and its still not working. I should note I’ve been online for years and over 9mths on this modem alone, I have GTAV which works fine and I tried a couple others to confirm this. Something is not allowing me to connect to the Forza server.
Are there any known fixes for this?

I don’t think you have played enough solo career mode. There are other forums about how far you have to go.

I’ve completed 82 championship races. Again, I’ve been online before for over 100 levels.
To reiterate, I cannot access the storefront or my crew and I cannot join or create online Free Roam or Road Trip

there have been on and off server issues the last 20 hours or so. It is not your set up - it is the game. Just play solo if you can’t access other features and wait for them to work.

Oh thank god that’s what I wanted to hear lol.

Just keep checking back. Earlier it was all greyed out for me and not working - now it is. Worst case scenario - wait until the update drops on Friday

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Hi guys, this is currently happening to me now. We have two Xbox Ones in our house with two copies of Forza Horizon 2. Me and another here (both Gold etc) weren’t able to play online recently and it still hadn’t been working a few day later (right up to now). I understand exactly what DarkyPNC is saying. It has nothing to do with subscription or career completion; the game has simply got a serious glitch that locks itself out of online features.

Recently when my Xbox One broke I sent it away and Microsoft sent me a new one. This was the first time I came across this glitch on my new console alone. I was able to get online no problems on our other Xbox One!! even the other gamer in out house was the same. Forza Horizon 2 simply had glitched out on out lounge Xbox while the bedroom Xbox worked perfectly. There is no problem with the router/ISP. This is genuinely a glitch in FH2. How I fixed it was to delete my own save (while I safely had it synchronised in the bedroom). I also deleted the game (we have it digitally) but it was deleting the save file which seemed to fix things.

Once on again I synchronised and it was all back to normal. Such a pain though.

However it is doing it all over again in both the bedroom and the lounge. It has been months since the first time but it may be time to delete my save again :frowning:

Hi there just a follow-up. Deleting my save didn’t work. Will try deleting the entire game next I guess.

It still comes and goes at random…lol. I tried it at my mums house and worked fine then went back home it worked again…then I was down again for a day, now it’s been sweet ever since. Surely it’s a glitch or something, can be frustrating at times to say the least.