Server issues or just me?

Last few weeks I can’t seem to connect to your servers to play online. I am pretty certain it’s not a problem on my end as I have no issue playing any other game… So I assume you’re trying to sort out the mess you made when it comes to the new drifting debacle.

I’ve been having server issues with FM7 ever since the August Update. Sometimes it connects and sometimes it don’t. Very frustrating hope T10 resolves this with next update.

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Its been the same for me, ever since the latest update it takes forever to connect to the servers. Cant load rivals or paints or messages. Also occasionally a black box flashes on screen when racing. Its been really poor. If I leave it switched on for about 30 mins it eventually catches up and I can get online, but it then stops again. Also had issues sharing photos and selecting types of paint jobs . Its all over the place. Up till now no problems. Now its a gamble whether I can even play it.

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Defiantly down… been a week now haven’t been able to get my cars back from the auction house or collect my money. Can’t see any messages something is seriously going wrong on their end

Having similar issues. Cant get leagues to connect and only random mp lobbies work.