Server connection issues


I would like to ask if i’m the only one with server connection issues, i’m on xbox series X with cable.
I tried playing with a friend but somehow one of us is allways disconnecting and when we do get together o play one of us is allways disappearing.

Thanks and what a great game it is. :ok_hand:


Happening with me on PC, wired 350mbps connection. Can’t seem to hold a connection for longer than 5-10 minutes at a time. Rock solid on non-Horizon games though, as 4 was the same but everything else is fine.


Same here on series x

Constant message popping up saying “server disconnection play solo”.

I also notice the map does not display online players when there are lots driving around.

Guess its just launch server issues, hopefully they fix this soon though.


We should get a partial refund for this. Can’t cruise around with friends as none of us can stay connected. All are on xbox series x. Broken ass server.


Same here on Series S and wired connection.

Can confirm, same is happening for me on PC.

Although I am on a Wi-FI connection, no issues in FH4 or other games.

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I have the same on Xbox one, no problems with 3 and 4, now I can,t play online, just this version.

Ive had this issue in Horizon games since 3… I am so annoyed it is not fixed in 5. There is no reason for it but I also fear playground wont address it in any way.

Yep same here don’t know what to do

same problem for me on series x and pc. i tired on both and its still happening and im connected via ethernet

Same for me, East Coast USA, but started earlier tonight, it was fine all day. Xbox X series

I don’t know if anyone else is having this issue but for me when I am on the wifi I cannot start up the game. The wifi worked fine for other games but any time I tried loading up FH5 it kicked me off Xbox live. I am on college wifi so I thought that was the issue so I switched to my hotspot and I still have connection issues where the game kicks me off Xbox live while I’m in the middle of racing or doing other challenges. I hope they fix server issues soon. It’s an amazing game by the way.

Same issue here. Pointless to attempt any online events, since I will inevitably get disconnected before it completes. Same system works fine for FH4 and FM7 online modes.


I have also been have constant server disconnected messages on Xbox Series S. Really annoying.

me too i’m play on PC can connect server just 5 - 10 minutes and i’ve got this text “Poor network conditions. play experience may be affected” and then disconnect server , after that in free roam no player or drivatar in game, just only me

Same here… hope they fix this soon

I’m getting it as well. I’m on the east coast with gigabit internet. And, I’m on the pc as well.

Yeah, this has been a constant problem so far. And we’re still in early access. It doesn’t bode well for how well it will run when the full population hits the servers.

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At least we’re all not alone on this. i’m having the same damn problem and i’m worried it’s gonna keep happening once my friend starts playing.

The same problem for me, i´m in Europe (belgium) playing on Xbox series X and wired. Dont have problems with FH4 and other games.