Serious Problem with Nurburgring

So, last night when I was playing I was doing the “Forza GT” series of races, the final race is a lap of the full Nurburgring track. As I click “Start Race” my game crashed. I re-opened the game and tried again, it crashed a second time. I restarted my xbox and tried once more, it crashed. I gave up for the night and went to bed.

Today, I opened the game and tried to do the race again, it crashed… I restarted my xbox and it crashed again. I thought it might be because I had the game installed on my external hard drive so I moved the entire game on my internal storage and re-attempted to start the race. It crashed again.

I then moved on to start another series of races, got to the 3rd or 4th race which was on the Nurburgring GP circuit… Hit “Start Race” and now I’ve been sat on a black screen for about 5 minutes, the game will more than likely crash.

This is a serious issue I am having and would like Forza to look in to this asap please and it’s slowing my progression in the game.

Update, this is also happening on a specific corner in Silverstone and Road America… Causing me to have to abandon the series of racing I’m doing and do another one, hoping those tracks aren’t in it.

So this is really starting to get annoying… I keep starting doing series of races to progress in the Masters Championship… I’ve tried 4 or 5 of them and ended up having Nurburgring, Road America or Silverstone… Meaning once I get to one of those races, I have to abandon the series of races and try find a new one. This is obviously costing me a lot of CR having to buy cars for the series then not being able to complete them.

I seriously hope Forza address this issue, the standard edition is now available in most countries and this game still is having serious issues.