Serious concern regarding paint booth

I’m not sure if this belongs in the paint booth section or the general chat section, but I have tried really hard to like this game, I really have. There are many bugs currently, and while some of them I can stand to put up with, there is a major flaw in this game that I just cannot. The paint booth.

The idea of swapping the thumb stick and the d-pad for incremental value changes is incomprehensible, and has made painting less enjoyable compared to before. But hey, I’m a painter, and painting is a challenge, so I can deal with that. What frustrates me the most is the severe decrease in overall quality of anything in the paint booth. It’s like before we had the pleasure of working in high definition with vector, and now it’s like we’ve stepped backwards into the 480p days using raster based shapes.

The easiest way for me to describe or point out is when it comes to shape rotation. Before, everything was smooth as if the whole shape was moving, but now, it’s as if the outer edges move only, causing what is the worst aliasing/anti-aliasing I’ve ever seen. The joy in racing is to drive my own fantasy scheme, but I can’t even enjoy that now… who wants to drive a blurry low quality POS? Not me.

I’ve been extremely patient with the mess that has been made of this release, but at some point you have to admit when you’ve made a mistake.