Serious bug! cannot log in to horizon 5! Prompt "you need to log in to the file to continue"

Serious bug! Steam platform cannot log in to horizon 5! Prompt “you need to log in to the file to continue”

My horizon 5 can’t log in. Always prompt “you need to log in to the file to continue”

We are looking for a solution!

antecedents and consequences:

(I know it’s verbose, but I need to go into detail)

I’m fh4’s player

Graphics card is very difficult (the popularity of mining has doubled its price)

After playing for a while, uninstall it

(this is my first contact with Xbox game and Xbox account)

I bought a new graphics card, fh5 and fh4 the day before yesterday

First play fh5, the game for more than an hour, want to revisit fh4

After logging into my Xbox account, I found that my fh4 archive was gone

Start investigating the cause

the previous Xbox account (old account) is inconsistent with the Xbox account (new account) I’m logging in to now

Because the system of Xbox account is not clear when playing fh4, the account is chaotic

Log in with the old account to test whether the guess is correct

Guess right

It should have ended here. I could play the game happily, but the problem suddenly came

Want to use only one account to prevent more chaos in the future

My common email and mobile phone number are bound to my new account, and it takes a lot of effort to transfer them to my old account

Therefore, the login mailbox and mobile phone number of the old account have been changed, as shown in the figure:


无标题.png - Google Drive
(the old account has since become the “current account”)

Reopen fh5 and prompt “you need to log in to the file to continue”

To reopen fh4, I need to log in again, but after entering the account password, it will prompt “there is a problem with your account, please open XX website” (Microsoft account security page, no valuable information)

Start searching for solutions

A whole day was wasted

I tried several times to clear the cache file, archive my account, uninstall and reinstall Xbox and its suite, exit and log back into the Microsoft Store, restart the computer and link to Steam account, etc

Finally, uninstall fh4 and reinstall it (clean up the cache file). Surprisingly, you can log in normally

So I uninstalled fh5 and reinstalled it. The result still showed that “you need to log in to the file to continue”

The fh4 installation package is 95gb, and the fh5 installation package is 102gb. My network is 200m, which is really slow. I don’t want to try again

Fh4 can play normally, but fh5 can’t. fh5 has been running for 3.1 hours. Although I can contact steam customer service to explain the details for refund, I like FH series, so I have entered the final version and top-level version. I want to solve the problem instead of succumbing to the problem and solving the preference in turn

I contacted Microsoft customer service and FH Chinese customer service. They were very enthusiastic, but unfortunately they couldn’t solve my problem

I didn’t find FH’s customer service hotline, so I chose to give feedback in the forum

I suspect there is a problem with the archive

I’m not a computer professional, but I suspect that if my uid is 1234, my archive records my uid and mailbox and other data, and the file has been verified by hash and Sha. After I change the mailbox and other data, the verification file cannot check and update my data, so an error is reported

Checked remotecache VDF and archive files. By comparing with fh4 files, I found that the Microsoft account has a fixed user_ ID, the archive is saved in “user”_ XXXX. ProfileData“”User_ XXXX. Profilebackup "in file

There are two data in fh4 and only one data in fh5 (it is preliminarily speculated that it is the data of the new account, but I want to use the current account (old account) (because fh5 has just played and fh4 has played for a long time)

I try to edit the remote cache manually VDF (records archived data and Sha value, which should be used for verification)

Refer to the file content of fh4, add new archive information at the end, and copy another file named user_ Yyyy archive, repeated experiments. Found remotecache The data in VDF will be automatically corrected, which means that any changes I make are useless

But even if there is an error in an account, at least I can create a new account and play a blank game!

If it fails, it still prompts “you need to log in to the file to continue”

Now I have run for 3.4h, half of which are error correction

The test process of many problems can be passed in one sentence, which is very easy. For example, “I closed the cloud archive and tried again”, but behind this, I repeated those boring behaviors several times

I’m too tired to study something full of uncertainty
Does the relevant team have experience in solving problems?

Even if it is to clear all the data of my account so that I can join the game as a new member

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