Series Total Score Reducing

I scored 261/263 in series 1 (bugged dailies stopped me getting the max, separate issue), when series 2 started my total score for series 1 was reduced to 249/263. I clicked into series 1 to see what happened and every season in series 1 reduced by 3 points, so that makes up the 12 points that I lost. But everything in that Series is showing as complete (except the 2 bugged dailies I mentioned earlier).

This is very frustrating, and now since Series 3 has started the same thing has happened to my Series 2 score, I got 263/266 for series 2 (again missing out on the max because of a bugged Treasure Hunt) . Every season in Series 2 has been reduced by 3 points for no reason.

Is this happening to anyone else? To see your previous series scores go to the Festival playlist and click the select button on the controller. Then actually click in to Series 1 and Series 2 and the totals maybe reduced?

Exactly the same happened to me.

Despite having the game pre-release, the only things I couldn’t complete were in Summer and Autumn ther bugged daily and also the first tow season’s arcade events due to network instability issues:

SUMMER- 62/68 (Missing 3 Points)
“Horizon Arcade” (3 Points)

AUTUMN - 58/65 (Missing 3 Points)
“Horizon Arcade” (3 Points)
“Explorer” Daily Challenge (1 Point)

WINTER - 62/65 (Missing 3 Points)
100% Complete

SPRING - 62/65 (Missing 3 Points)
100% Complete

The overall series total should have been 256/263 taking into account the bugged events in Summer and Autumn, but is showing as 244/263and like you is 12 points short of what it was originally (before the change over to Season 2).

PG must have sorted the network instability issues by Series 2 as the Horizon Arcade started working properly by then.

I doubt PG will rectify this issue now, especially with the 1000s of other reported bugs that have been reported.

This annoys me very mush as I like to “Gold” and 100% everything.

Going back and viewing a previous Series results in that Series losing 12 points…I was on with a streamer a few weeks back and saw it happen on their stream as they did it.

My guess is it is the Tour points and, another guess, is that it can be traced back to the bug that causes the Tour to automatically complete for an entire Series as soon as the Series starts. Obviously a different issue but probably related when it comes to the coding

I really hope they fix this, I really don’t see the point trying to complete anymore playlists if they will not even acknowledge this issue. What’s the point in continuing if we keep getting deducted points because they never tested this game properly. It’s only been 2 months since the game came out and already it feels like technical support for it has been abandoned. The fact this game is winning awards is laughable.

To be fair, they have been on Holiday for nearly half of that!

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Regardless of the christmas holidays the communication has been terrible. They knew the game had hundreds if not thousands of bugs before it was released and they have done very little to communicate how they will fix it, they have spent more time talking about new cars than addressing problems. When I look at the way Halo was released (and halo was released even closer to the holidays) and the communication that 343 has with fans it’s very frustrating that no one from playground or turn10 is coming out and telling us how they plan to fix the game.

Problem is if they try to fix that it will probably break this series somehow lol.

At the moment I am at 100% of the current series. Hopefully they don’t break that.

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