Series completion?

Could someone explain to me how this works? I’m currently on the elite championships and I usually win 4-5 races out of 6 and finish 2nd or 3rd in the rest one or two. So I win the series by a long shot but it stays unchecked? I’d like to do a 100% campaign, does this mean I have to win every race by lowering difficulty or sniping with rewind? I hope not, having to ram through the first turns in short races is already breaking the immersion as it is.

Do I have to play the already finished but unchecked series again? All 6 races, because I couldn’t catch the boosted podium bot in one race?

You still go through if you are completing the series with those statistics I only have Sebring endurance and the Forza GP left in entire champs. I think the tick is only appearing on the rounds where you achieved maximum points so when I am thru the lot I will go back and run those races again to better my score.

Yeah you need to win every race to get the tick. Not having the tick is a small annoyance but something I’ll probably go back to sort out at some point.

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Thank you, this was the simple answer I was looking for :slight_smile:

In Forza Motorsports 7, there is no Elite Championship. The Championships are

Seeker Championship
Breakout Championship
Evolution Championship
Domination Championship
Masters Championship
Forza Driver’s Cup

Within each of these are “Series” (Nascar, Grand Prix, Hot Hatch, etc.) that contain several races, and “Showcase” Events. You need to complete enough of these to fulfill the total points required to complete the campaign. (Blue Bar under each Championship Title).

Completing a championship unlocks the next.
You do not have to complete all series under a championship; however, you can.
You receive a “Check Mark” next to a Series or Showcase if you win it.

Having to have “Check Marks” next to each Series may be interpreted as OCD. (Just sayin’)

After acquiring enough points for the forza cup, the game then goes on to elite championships, in each previous group. And again there is another point based system, but you still have to do every single race and showcase to become and elite forza cup champion. I just completed elite seeker cup. Do various other races throughout all series, saving my favorites until the VIP fix is in.

I know you meant well, but this wasn’t very helpful since I’ve completed that initial career. Elite championship (or whatever it’s called) is unlocked after. You were spot on with the OCD though, it’s funny because it crossed my mind after my post, and I’ve never been diagnosed with anything like that :smiley: Those missing ticks really bother me visually…

Nice story. But wrong. Once you’ve completed all championships the ELITE version of each championship is unlocked with more races and showcases, a net car and suit to unlock. To complete that, you need to beat the new points target, and also have completed ievery series.

To get a check mark you have to win every race within that series.

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Yeah, it takes a certain amount of points to unlock the next championship. Completing every race in every category gives you some great cars, CR, and level up bonuses. I went thru and unlocked each main Cat as listed above (DarkWolfs) then went back an picked off the remaining races in order of preference and available cars in my garage ie Off Road Buggies and those stinking washing machines with wheels were put off like a visit to the dentist. However while doing this I discovered some great little cars to race in the free race that I probably would not have rushed to the Car Collection and purchased. You can finish a whole section in whatever order you like ie you can have the Forza Driver totally complete before the Seekers which got the thumbs up to T10 for that.

When you go back for the 100% don’t drop difficultly or ram and rewind. Just lengthen the race so you have the time to pass all twelve cars.

I have the kind of completionist OCD that compels me to need every single box to be tick marked. Which is kind of a bummer because it means in most series I only race at whatever the 60% bonus credit level is. Once I finish the campaign, I’ll do longer races with higher difficulty, but until then…MUST…CHEEECKKK…ALLLL…BOXES…