Series 7 Summer Completed But Only 53/54 Points!

Anyone else have this issue?

Everything is “golded”, but yet missing one point.

Ideas anyone?

Ideas ? Not really. SNAFU. Sounds kinda like the reciprocal of this issue :

Maybe if you two convoy up they’ll get their completions rechecked as done and your missing point will pop up… :wink:

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Just checked my dailies and they are showing 6/7 despite doing each one as it went live.

What a joke!

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If you haven’t completed the Monthly Rivals, that’s the missing 1 point. If you’ve completed absolutely everything, and closing the game and rebooting your device doesn’t fix it, submit a ticket so your details can be logged and investigated. Be sure to answer “No” on the receipt email from Forza Support if the linked articles don’t provide a resolution.

Thanks, but when I checked the dailies they had all been reverted to incomplete (no gold strip), despite it saying 6/7 at the top of the Daily Challenges section…

Just completed them all one by one and have now hit 54/54 after completeing the 7th daily challenge.

Odd that I was able to gold them again as I thought the dailies only had a 3 day lifespan.

Oh well, completed now, so if anyone notices they are a point short of completion, check and re-do the daily challenges.

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I think the 3 day expiry was FH4 ? while FH5 gives a full 7 days. Just fwiw.

Never knew that about FH5 and I’ve played it since pre-order release. LoL

learn summat new every day.