Series 4 Update?!

Hello, sorry for taking your precious time y’all but when the update of the series 4 will be up? because everywhere i go on the internet it says around the 9th of February because that is when the series 3 finish BUT as i can recall the 3rd series finish in 2 days :thinking::face_with_monocle:. is this a mistake OR we will have a week with nothing OR recycled championship while waiting S4. Thanks for your answers :).

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I’m expecting it very quickly, either today, tomorrow, or Thursday.

Series 4 should begin the morning of Feb 3rd in the USA.

If you see an incorrect start date such as February 9th please inform those users that they can see the date in game by going to the Festival Playlist menu and look at the Coming Soon tab.

Look for the content update download later today or tomorrow.

OK… but… has anyone there noticed that the Festival Playlist menu has the wrong date for the start of Series 4 on the Festival Playlist History tab ? For me anyway, on Xbox One.

“Series 4 - Series Starts on January 30th 2022”

EDIT : I see this is now showing correctly. Part of the update perhaps. In any case, fixed !

And no, I didn’t open a ticket for it because of several reasons. I only mention it here now because you suggested that the game is an authority on dates for the game when that clearly isn’t accurate. I was pretty sure I saw another erroneous date (the end of series 3) somewhere in there the other day but can’t find it now, maybe that got corrected at least.

A content update in the last days of a series. Brilliant. That can’t possible have a chance of spoiling anyone’s attempt to finally Min Meet Max the series.

EDIT : And fwiw the update doesn’t seem to have reset or messed anything up with progress to Min Meet Max, so that’s a relief. Fingers still double crossed for the Daily Challenge tomorrow and final single point to collect this series…

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Yep, wait for those dailies that have auto-completed for some people get reset and wreck the chances of 100% series completion again… hopefully not.

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