Series 3 Content Update - November 20 - Service Check, Rims/Paint, Horizon Racing Cup

Update 3 Preview livestream:

Forza Horizon 4 Series 3 Update
Brian Ekberg
Monday, November 19, 2018

FH4 Release Notes: November 20th, 2018
Nitro Glitter


Announced during the Playground Games preview stream today, this update will be released tomorrow, Tuesday November 20th. The typical ETA for content updates is 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm BST one hour earlier due to the time change in early November.

At that time the Car Pass Calendar will be updated with the next four weeks of DLC cars.

Preview stream replay links:

Good fixes overall.

I don’t like to bulk add DLC, because I like to pick colors in the Autoshow. I hope I can still do that.


When you bulk add DLC cars by pressing the REDEEM FREE CARS button (list button in the Car Pass DLC menu), it will use the manufacturer default color. You can always visit DESIGNS & PAINTS in the garage to pick another color or livery design.


Yeah, but that requires me to save a new livery, and takes up a slot I’d rather use for other purposes, like, uh, actual liveries. That being said, I hope I will be able to still get them for free from the Autoshow, instead of redeeming them in bulk from the Car Pass DLC menu?


bud… are you really to lazy to take the 30 seconds to save over a older paint job?

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Forza, in all its wisdom, requires you to use up a design slot for something as trivial as changing your car’s color. Buying cars from the Autoshow avoids this issue.

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Smh. It ain’t about that. He’'s talking about choosing just another color without using a very limited livery slot.
If you go to autoshow & buy a car you can choose any color & it won’t waste a slot. Having this bulk buy thing, like in FM7, gives you no option to choose a color as it gives you the cars as is. & if you want to change just the color you have to waste a slot.

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Or you have to do what I do and sell most wheel spin cars so I can buy them in a colour I like. In FM7 the bulk add cars feature is more time consuming as I have to find all the cars in mu garage, take them to the paint area to see if there are other colours I’d prefer, the sell the cars I want to change the colour of and rebuy them.

I wonder if they see people who have the car pass not adding all the cars to the garage and think we need help? I always find myself goinf to the DLC cars tab only to realise that’s not where they are, it gets me every time. Or if you were like me and not bold over by this months pack and didn’t add stuff because you didn’t want to. Just not sure how adding both cars is such a needed time saver given the other issue it now presents.

I like the look of Horizon racing cup.

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It appears to be exactly the same setup as before (crappy seasonal championships), but with more money.

Maybe that’s not the goal of this post but I would like to say that today stream was disappointing.
New racing cup series were not shown. Will they all come at the same time or will they released on a season basis.
No new footage of fortune island. I liked what I heard but I would have appreciated to see ingame footage

At least, the senior level designer segment was interesting for custom routes tips



Instead of fixing the terrible illogical game-ruining multiplayer, they’ve come up with this.

Slow-clap. Last time I ever trust this company with my preorders.


The multiplayer is an issue, sure. But a large amount of what they have fixed are things that have been requested in these forums and I’m surprised that they’ve taken so much of the feedback on board, especially for relatively inconsequential things like skipping the race result sequences.

Don’t be so locked in tunnel vision that you feel betrayed just because your issue wasn’t resolved.


…uh, what?

It’s not just my issue. The multiplayer is the single most widespread piece of criticism I have seen people have with the game right now.

You said it yourself, they’re fixing fairly inconsequential issues. All while the glaring gameplay issues remain.


And they’re in the process of working on multiplayer. But in the meantime, they’re not just going to sit around and not get anything else done. Be patient.


Do you have a source for that?

Only thing I’ve seen is a dev saying he’s acknowledged the criticism thread. Nothing about actually fixing the game.

I refuse to believe it’s taking over 2 months to add D C and B class cars to multiplayer… that should be a very simple tweak to the code.


They said, that the update for the multiplayer will be come. Not yet, but it will.
And to not make a update that doesnt fit all our wishes, they would it do right at the first time.
So just patience :wink:

Do it right the first time? They already did it WRONG the first time. The proper code is already there. Look at the online seasonal championships for PvP. 3 to 4 races with best time the championship winner and fast travel between races. Pop in a class choice and it is perfect. But they won’t do it even though what everyone wants is already there if they would enable it.

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Jesus. Somebody said - they fixed a lot of issues already. THEY RELEASED GLITCHED GAME!