Series 29 Rivals bugged?

Has anyone been able to post a clean lap in this Season’s Rivals? The Rivals didn’t show up on Thursday…It was added later. I’ve posted numerous clean laps with out the challenge completing.


Same problem, hope they will solve it quickly

Yup, doesn’t accept my lap either.

Glad it it’s not me. I can’t complete this no matter what I do.

Yup, can’t complete

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there was a bug too before henessy raptor rival challenge…the game gave me an hennesy raptor after i beat my friend as a reward… then i got b.a.n.n.e.d for 1 month at 11 november because of this bug…!!! actually i didnt know that the car hasnt released yet until i got the b.a.n message…

thank you for blocking and punishing ME instead of your Dev. Team

Having the same problem. Has anyone gotten any response from the developers?

Same here. I’m going for 100%



Thanks for the pretty greeny Rivals tile on the Summer Series page BUT it still needs a genius to link the Rivals with the Merc to it so that it links and turns GOLD when you complete it!!!

Are kids doing the programming?

XBox Series X, UK

Its the weekend so I’d expect a fix by Monday at the earliest

Also having this problem, have completed clean laps twice now and still not received credit

Same here… and this after the Rivals event didn’t even show up in my playlist until I rebooted my box.

I know COVID has forced a major change in how the devs work, but having bug after bug, update after update, is kinda ridiculous. They should list the glitches alongside the cars in each new series preview at this rate

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Glad it’s not just me. I beat my first rival with a clean lap and didn’t count, thought it was user error, did another rival still didn’t count, definitely bugged.

Same here. Rivals was not on Thuraday, and I noticed on the Live Stream the other week detailing this Season that the Rivals event was not even listed and not even talked about. I was on the game about 4 or 5 hours ago and no Rivals event. Logged back in now and Rovals event has appeared.

I have posted several clean laps and and beat several rivals and I’m not getting credit for it. Anyone else having touble wiht it?

Same issue here.

Yep - Same here.
I gave up after doing it 3 times (posting a clean lap each time).
I came on here to see if anybody else had the issue.
Obviously, it’s not just me then…!

I have the same problem. tried restartingthe game etc but nothing happend.

Done it three times, still does not appear completed in Festival Playlist