Series 22 Info: livestream recaps / new cars / content update release notes



Traditionally the #TorbenTuesday image released each Spring season offers clues to upcoming cars and content in the next series - or beyond.


Update 22 livestream replay hosted by ItsCharleyyTho:

  • 10:00 - Festival Playlist events and rewards
  • 15:00 - ElimiQ&Ator featuring Mike Brown
  • 29:00 - Series 22 new car gameplay
  • 37:00 - Updates and fixes (Horizon Promo quickshot)

Forza Monthly replay hosted by Leahviathan:

  • 6:00 - New car gameplay with Mike Brown
  • 14:00 - Forza Street coming to mobile, discussion with Andy Beaudoin
  • 25:00 - FM7 Esports with Alie Tacq
  • 36:00 - Community photos montage
  • 38:00 - Interview with Stevio2175 on his contributions to the Forza Horizon community


  • Summer: May 7 - 14
  • Autumn: May 14 - 21
  • Winter: May 21 - 28
  • Spring: May 28 - June 4


Six exclusive cars are added as Festival Playlist rewards; 3 new to Forza, 3 previously in other Forza games.
Horizon Promo count is now 691.

  • 2000 Ford Racing Puma
  • 1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R
  • 1990 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R
  • 1991 Peugeot 205 Rallye
  • 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185
  • 1994 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205


Photo Mode now has a new ‘Promo Quickshot’ button, which allows you to add cars to your promo collection much faster. Press RB to quickly add new cars to your promo collection, without having to wait for the photo processing time. Note - this option is not available when using Effects Mode within Photo Mode.

A new remix of our Halo Showcase Experience, this time challenging you to drive the Warthog in an autumnal rainstorm. Have you got what it takes to outrun the Covenant once more, Chief? As per usual, you must have completed the regular showcase before the remixed version is unlocked.

Isha’s Taxis takes on the Delta-Wing in this Series’ Showcase Remix. What happens when you put a jet up against a black cab with a Racing V12, and a terrifying power-weight ratio? We’re not entirely certain, but it’s sure to be spectacular!


Released 12:01am Pacific May 6th^

1.2 GB - Xbox
1.4 GB - PC

Collision option also seems to have been removed from Custom Adventure settings.



May 4th? Hope not many cringy Star Wars jokes.


It’s the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R!

We’re a rare breed 500 strong

Could be buggati. 500 employees

i think that the 500 strong is tesla model X or some other tesla cuz the tesla model X is 500horspower and its super strong

Official calendar: the Update 22 livestream will begin at 10:30am Pacific (18:30 London^) today (1 hour from now)

Playground’s livestream will be followed by Forza Monthly at 11am.

“After producing the minimum required 5,000 examples (500 of them being homologation models), Nissan entered the GTI-R under Group A rules in the FIA WRC as a factory team (Nissan Motorsport Europe – NME) in 1991 and 1992.”

Quoted from Nissan Pulsar’s Wikipedia entry.

“I delivered my team’s first manufacturer title.” = Nissan entered the GTI-R under Group A rules in the FIA WRC as a factory team
“We’re a rare breed, 500 strong!” = (500 of them being homologation models)


500 most likely refers to the Ford Racing Puma
First manufacturer’s title is the 92 Celica, Nissan has never won the manufacturer’s title.

There have, historically, never been two clues that refer to the same car.

It makes sense that it would only show up if the season was winter, because at any other time they would be dirt tires. Do you remember which cars have standard, street, or race tires? I’ll bet not.

Sorry sir, I am not sure we are on the same page so a quick illustration through a quick scenario anyone playing a few championships online is welcome to challenge
1/ You go to online
2/ You play a Spring championship
3/ Next championship is winter. At selection of car : NO TIRE FILTER , means you cannot filter on cars having winter tires,
5/ Next is another winter pops up. At selection of car : TIRE FILTER is available, means you can filter on cars having winter tires
7/ Next is a summer championship pops up . At selection of car : TIRE FILTER is available, means you can filter on cars having winter tires for a summer race !
9/ Next is a winter championship pops up .At selection of car : NO TIRE FILTER , means you cannot filter on cars having winter tires,

From non aware player is looks like the filter is spawning erratically but it is not, filter popups only if previous championship was winter.

I don’t know how other players call that, I do call it a bug.

I consider it is a bit more annoying than the color of some screws but that’s my personal point of view.

They still have the snowflake icon, correct? In that case a filter isn’t needed.

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Nice try but sorry, just tested it to make sure and incorrect, icon goes exact same way as filter, same bug.
And totally agree with ziperrPL, putting an end to this bug was as easy as removing a if condition and always displaying the filter …

So considering fixing color of wheel screws and stating it as an important issue …


snowflake icon is visible only if your current season is winter or if your last unranked adventure was in winter. It should be filter for snow/dirt/offroad tires for every season.

PS. I’m very happy with new cars - Pulsar and 205 espesially :slight_smile:
Also one of best Eliminator round on stream. Was enjoyable to watch.


6 cars coming via the Series 22 Festival Playlist (3 new, 3 returning):
Toyota Celica ST205 '94 (summer)
Ford Racing Puma (autumn)
Toyota Celica ST185 '92 (winter)
Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R '88 (winter)
Nissan Pulsar GTi-R (spring)
Peugeot 205 Rallye (spring)


The best update ever!

PG did the best job ever. The rally cars added this time are all wonderful cars. I love all the cars on this list and I’ve been waiting for them. And all the cars are available in single player! We don’t have to do trials, playgrounds or eliminators to get these gems!
I can’t wait for the next season!


Not at all, they still doesn’t fix the points not saving in ranked team adventure. 6 months and counting.

The bit on the stream about how you got the Racing Puma was incorrect, it was ordered at the dealer as a normal car, then the car was delivered to Tickford for the conversion and then delivered to the customer, I know as I bought one.
Then I went on a tour of Tickford to see them being built and had a track day at Silverstone with Ford, good time.


I guess that when important fix is wheel screw painting color, the “team” guys are totally finished with all the possible bugs of FH4 they are aware of, congrats guys !

Just, could be interesting to see the list of issues logged in your support center, it was transferred to a team, as automatic message says, but I suspect the recipients where not updated since late 2018. I am sorry, but, let’s say, could be kind of a surprise!

See y’a, I have to do a instant transport to reactivate the rewind and use something else that my raptor that is going under ground and remind to memorize my winter tires cars as car winter tire filter is appearing only if previous championship was winter.

NANI!? I got 5 out of the 6 Right! Woah! That is the First Time that has Happened!

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