Series 2 treasure hunt problem. etc

When can I solve the treasure hunter’s task?
And where did the shadow of the Forza Edition Mayers Manx vehicle go?
Mercedes-Benz x Class pick up forza Vista is too bad. Open x class hood :frowning:

The problem with this is that is doesn’t benefit the player. If I was getting wheelspins on the hour, it would be patched immediately. Bugs like this either need to be corrected or auto completed.


You can’t complete the Treasure Hunt task as it is broken…some players have managed to complete it by 3 starring Trailblazers they haven’t previously 3 starred…but, even then, it doesn’t work for everyone

Is there a thread where they’ve acknowledged this or is it just an assumed ‘3 points gone’ situation?

It’s on the known issues list.

Festival Playlist - Series 2- Summer - Treasure Hunt: Blazing Thunder – players who have previously completed trailblazer with 3 stars are not able to unlock the treasure chest (Date Added:12.10.21)

I find it somewhat amusing in that link that Xbox One S (and i presume X) have only 1 problem compared to Series S and X and PC…who would have thought it would be a more stable platform.

On the other issues, i hope a patch comes out soon (like tomorrow or the day after), be mighty helpfull and i wouldn’t mind completing that Treasure Hunt as i am one affected by the bug as well.

It’s just such a shame there wasn’t anything that could have tipped them off to check this before series 2 was released. There was nothing similar in series 1 at all…

Playground Games Staff:

So, the Treasure Chest…what if we get players to complete something most would have already done
Brilliant idea!
Wait, I’m getting a strange sense of Deja Vu here…wasn’t there an issue in Series 1 exactly like this?
Was there? You are quite correct
So, should we test it first or maybe change it for something that will work
Nah, the players won’t care and we can use the time to add some more clothing
Well, okay then

Honestly? I am starting to think the “unintentional” bugs stopping people fully completing a Series (those who didn’t get early access of course) is actually deliberate and designed to get people to keep playing to try and get it. I hate that I am that cynical yet we aren’t seeing anything contrary to that…they are not trying to fix the issue or removing things that they know won’t work

Can we all get the Playlist event points for it before end of this season. So that we can get the achievement for scoring all the possible points in a season.

The achievement is already very hard as it is if you’ve missed the pre-season at launch.

Please support. At least give us 3 free playlist points

Please, Playground Games, for the love of all that is even remotely decent in this game, fix this treasure hunt bug!

Yep I’m with you there, plus you also need it for the treasure chests accolades