Series 17 Content Update, Features, and Cars



New game mode The Eliminator, its rewards, and the Toyota Supra are available as of Dec. 12

  • Summer: December 19 - 26
  • Autumn: December 26 - January 2
  • Winter: January 2 - 9
  • Spring: January 9 - 16


Content and cars were shown in the Dec. 11th Forza Monthly livestream, and The Eliminator livestream on Dec. 13th:
Twitch | Mixer | YouTube - Forza Monthly
Twitch | Mixer | YouTube - Playground Games livestream
YouTube - The Eliminator Announce Trailer


New Cars

  • 2017 Alpine A110 - Series 50% reward (new to Forza)
  • 2003 Renault Clio V6 - Autumn event reward
  • 2018 Renault Megane R.S. - Winter 50% reward (new to Forza)
  • 2016 Renault Clio R.S. 16 Concept - Winter event reward (new to Forza)
  • 2007 Renault Clio RS 197 - Spring Trial reward
  • 1998 Toyota Supra RZ - Eliminator Tier 2; also available to buy in the Autoshow
  • 2008 Renault Megane R26.R - Eliminator Tier 10 (new to Forza)
  • 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator - Eliminator Tier 24
  • New Clothing & Quickchat Phrases*
  • “Is that a Supra?”
  • “Prepare to be Eliminated” - Eliminator Tier 3
  • Eliminator Tee (white) - Tier 4
  • Eliminator Away Jumper - Tier 5
  • Eliminator ‘E’ Beanie - Tier 6
  • Eliminator Jacket - Tier 7
  • “I have the high ground” - Tier 8
  • Eliminator ‘E’ Cap - Tier 9
  • Eliminator Logo Race Suit - Tier 11
  • Eliminator Logo Tee - Tier 12
  • “Oh? You’re approaching me?” - Tier 13
  • Eliminator Jumper - Tier 14
  • Eliminator Beanie - Tier 16
  • Eliminator Logo Jacket - Tier 16
  • “A new foe has appeared” - Tier 18
  • Eliminator Cap - Tier 19
  • Eliminator Race Suit - Tier 21
  • Eliminator Pattern Tee - Tier 22
  • “I am the Eliminator” - Tier 23


The Eliminator
“The Eliminator” brings battle royale to Forza Horizon 4, Up to 72 players face off in the open world of Britain within a set arena boundary, eliminating one another in head-to-head races to earn new upgrades and a chance to pick up rare Car Drops. Arena walls contract throughout the game, forcing players closer together until a final white-knuckle race among the survivors determines the winner.

Showcase Remix Redux - Nine & Three Quarters
It’s your chance to race a Ford Anglia against the Flying Scotsman once again. Even though it can’t actually fly, you’ll still need to get in some good jumps and jostle with the iconic train on a run in toward Edinburgh!

Showcase Remix Redux - Contest of Giants
Go toe-to-toe with Horizon’s hovercraft pilot once more! You’ll be driving the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 during a spring downpour. Come hill or high water, prove once again that tradition is king! Complete the regular version of The Behemoth Showcase first to unlock the remixed version.


10 - Play your first game of The Eliminator
15 - Drive 10 different cars in The Eliminator
15 - Play 25 games of The Eliminator
20 - Play 50 games of The Eliminator
20 - Win 25 Head-to-Heads in The Eliminator
20 - Collect 100 Car Drops in The Eliminator
10 - Win a Head-to-Head in The Eliminator
20 - Collect 5 Car Drops wthin a single game of The Eliminator
15 - Win 3 Head-to-Head races within a single game of The Eliminator
20 - Drive a level 10 car in The Eliminator
25 - Win a game of The Eliminator
20 - Win a game of The Eliminator without acquiring any Car Drops
10 - Survive until the Final Showdown in a Level 1 car
15 - Eliminate a car at least 5 levels higher than you in a Head-to-Head race.
15 - Eliminate a car at least 5 levels lowerr than you in a Head-to-Head race.


FH4 Release Notes: December 12, 2019

Version Number:
PC: 1.377.172.2
Xbox: 1.377.172.0

I am still waiting on an Answer as to WHY I have been, In My Personal Opinion, Effectively Discriminated against on the Grounds of My Disabilities as Two of the New Cars from this Season (The Megane R26.R and the Mercury Cougar Eliminator) have been Locked up Behind an Online Multiplayer Only Battle Royale Mode that I cannot cope with due to My Developmental Disabilities, meaning I have Essentially been locked out of those Cars Permanently for having Disabilities that leave Me unable to Cope with Online Multiplayer, leaving Me, Personally, feeling very much the Victim of Potential Disability Discrimination Right now!

I am going to keep asking this until I either Get an Answer and a Solution to the Issue from a Playground Games Representative, or until I am forced to Take this matter Up with Higher Authority, such as the National Autism Society!

I am waiting for an Answer Playground Games… I do Not like being Ignored, and this is My Third Time of Asking!

You do realize that you can look for these exclusive cars in the Auction House if you’re really that desperate for the Megane and the Cougar?

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There are a lot of games that are online-only, are these discriminatory?
There are a lot of first person shooters that require faster reflexes than a lot of people have, is this discriminatory?
I don’t have the manual dexterity to perform open heart surgery, is it discriminatory that I’m not allowed to cut people open?

Please, look up what discrimination is. You have equal opportunity to participate, so this is no discrimination.

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The Problem is, the Auction House has only Very Limited Stock, it is very rare indeed that an Exclusive Car comes up for Sale on the Auction House, and, even when one Does, it is often Sniped within a Millisecond, meaning it is Nigh on Impossible to Acquire Exclusive Cars via the Auction House!

The Solution that would Satisfy both Me and the Main Forza Fanbase IMO (as the Battle Royale Mode has proven Controversial to say the Least) the Most would be to Simply add those Cars to the Autoshow in Series 18, they added the JZA-80 Supra to the Autoshow after all, so I personally consider it downright Unacceptable, as well as Inexplicable, that they did not do the Same with the Megane and the Cougar!

Heck, even just Playground confirming they will be available as Single Player Rewards in the Playlist in a Later Season would go some way to Quelling My Concerns If I am being Honest.

However, There are also the Principles that are Involved in this Decision to lock those Cars up Behind “The Eliminator” , I feel I have no Choice but to break the Rules of the Forum now and Mention the Fact that Disability Discrimination is Illegal in the United Kingdom! yet, thanks to this Decision, I am Personally feeling very much the Victim of it! and I want to know WHY Playground have taken this, in My Personal Opinion, Downright unacceptable Decision to, at least from what I can Personally understand, PERMANENTLY Lock those Cars Up Behind MP!

it is Ok when they lock a Car up in “The Trial” or Playground Games, as it will be Repeated as a “Single Player” Reward at a Later Date, however, as far as I can Personally Tell, due to the Way they have been Locked Behind “The Eliminator” the Megane and the Cougar will never become Available in Single Player, the Side of the Game My Disabilities limit Me to, and that is why, I, Personally, am feeling rather Discriminated against!

If there was even a simple Statement that those Cars would become Single Player Playlist Rewards at a Later Date, I would no longer Feel Discriminated Against and would go away Quite Happy, albiet not as Happy as I would Be if they just added them to the Autoshow in Series 18.

I tell You one thing though, If it wasn’t for the Fact I am no longer Entitled to a Refund as I have gone a very long way past the Two Hour Cut off for a Refund, I would be Seeking one, as not only do I Personally feel that the Game is now not only No longer the Game I Originally Purchased, (I purchased “Forza Horizon 4”, not “Forzanite”) but I also feel it is No longer entirely Suitable for Me, and I Personally Consider it a Disgusting State of Affairs when a Game rated 3+ By the PEGI (although, Personally, I feel any Game that contains Battle Royale should be made to Carry a Mandatory “18” Rating due to how Dangerously Addictive the Genre has been Proven to be!) is No Longer entirely Suitable for Me owing to it Locking Up Content, and Presumably on a Permanent Basis, behind a Mode that My Disabilities leave Me unable to Cope with!

A lot of the exclusive cars aren’t that rare in the auction house. You never know what will happen with newly exclusive cars.

As for “discrimination”, how do you prove that PG are specifically discriminating autists? I personally know autistic people coping very well with online play.

By the way, part of the reason why Epic Games was sued for Fortnite’s addictive nature is some lawyers saw an opportunity to make profits on this case due to the popularity of Fortnite. Forza is nowhere near as popular as Fortnite.

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I do hope You are Right, but, I, Personally, have never found any of the Exclusive Cars on the Auction House, as they have always been Sniped within Milliseconds of them going Up :frowning:

Indeed, You never know what will happen with the Newly Exclusive Cars. I just hope how Controversial “The Eliminator” Has Proven will lead to Playground either making them part of a Single Player Playlist in Future, or just give up and add them to the Autoshow.

Hopefully, Playground will, when this Game goes End of Life, just do what Turn 10 Did with FM7 and just add every Post Release Car to the Autoshow Regardless once they had Adjusted their Credit Values from the Default 250,000 to ones that more Closely Reflected the Cars Real life Values, meaning no one will miss out on any of the Cars just because the Game has gone EOL, that would be the most Fair Solution to the Games “Exclusive Car” Problem IMO.

Playground are not Discriminating against Everyone with Autism, and I never Said that they were, as that would have been Slander! So Please do not put Words into My Mouth! When I say “Others Like Me” I don’t mean Everyone with Autism, goodness No! I mean Everyone Else who Cannot Cope with Online Multiplayer, for whatever Reason that may be!

What I said was, I personally feel that they are Discriminating, even though I know that it is Inadvertent and not meant in any way shape or form and is due to a lack of Foresight and common Sense, and that there is no Purposeful Malice in it, against ME, hence why I say “I Personally Feel” a Lot, to show that it is I who feel Discriminated Against.

I speak Only for Myself and a few Other People I Personally know who also cannot cope with Multiplayer when it comes to My Complaints. Many People with Autism can Cope with Online Multiplayer just Fine as You have Stated,and I cannot speak for them, and nor do I want to as that is Not My Place at all! but there are also many of Us who cannot Cope with Multiplayer, and I am One of them, the Inability to cope with Multiplayer is often connected to Developmental Delay, not everyone with Autism suffers from that, and they are very Lucky! however, I Do Suffer from an Autism Related Developmental Delay, and that has lead to Me being unable to Cope with Online Multiplayer, I am fine with old-Skool Split Screen Multiplayer however, as at least then I Personally know the Person I am Playing with! its just Online Multiplayer that has Me in a Severe Meltdown after as low as Five Minutes!

I should note however that even Inadvertent Discrimination, against even a Single Person with Disabilities, is illegal in the UK, and that is the Platform I am using for My Complaints, the Discrimination I am Personally Feeling, as a Single Individual, in My own, Individual, but still perfectly Valid, Case.

I was not Referring to the Lawsuit against Fortnite, I am referring to the Psychological Studies made on Battle Royale and its Effects on People addicted to the Genre, I am referring to People who have become so Addicted to Battle Royale Gaming that they are showing Symptoms Similar to Severe Drug Addiction, I am talking about People who have developed Extreme Behavioural and Mental Health Issues due to how Addictive Battle Royale is, the People who are skipping School, Playing the Game for 24 Hours Straight, People who are Lying and Stealing to Buy the “Skins” , the People who become Violent when People try to Stop them Playing Fortnite/PUBG/Battle Royale of Choice, the Addicts who’s lives have been ruined by those Games, the Studies which have lead some People in Parliament believing Battle Royale to be a Threat to Societies Health!

I agree with those Parliament Members, I do believe the Hyper Addictive nature of Battle Royale and the Damage it can Potentially cause to People Mentally are a Threat to Social Health, although I do not believe in a Ban on the Genre (the only things in Gaming that Should be Banned, IMO, are Lootboxes and Micro-Transactions) , as when You Start Banning Games outright You enter onto a very Slippery Slope Towards Draconian “Hayes Code” Media Censorship, but I do feel that an 18 Rating should be Mandatory on Battle Royale due to the Findings of those Studies.

So I open forza horizon 4 and a notification pops up saying new content has been added to my profile,but havent a clue what it is.

Any help guys.


Moved to the thread where you might find the answers you seek.

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Thank you,oversight on my part.

That may have also referred to the Festival Bomber jacket, which was a gift if you watched the Game Awards on Mixer last night.

So is there no game voice chat during a session? Still the quietest game ever released!!

Or is game voice chat just broken?

Now we need another garage limit increase- not a bad problem to have. We REALLY REALLY need a tune limit increase though.


Thanks for the update on the new cars.

2017 Alpine A110 - Series 50% reward (new to Forza)
1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator - Eliminator Tier 24
2016 Renault Clio R.S. 16 Concept - Winter event reward (new to Forza)
2007 Renault Clio RS 197 - Spring Trial reward
2003 Renault Clio V6 - Autumn event reward
2018 Renault Megane R.S. - Winter 50% reward (new to Forza)
2008 Renault Megane R26.R - Eliminator Tier 10 (new to Forza)
1998 Toyota Supra RZ - Eliminator Tier 2; also in the Autoshow

I was beginning to think that, apart from the Supra, they may be locked behind achievements in the Eliminator. It looks like the Eliminator has some bugs and hopefully the server problems which existed before the update and may now have been made worse by the new mode will be sorted out.

Whatever happened to Express Delivery that was supposed to be a new business?

Nothing yet. Could come in a future update.

I hope all these cars will be unlocked at Forza Horizon 5 (or FM8) start of sales. I hope all car in FM7 be unlocked in next month. When A110 be unlock, i buy FH4…

I’m actually excited about the Alpine. I don’t think I will bother with Eliminator though. I don’t feel that I’m missing out on the Mercury or the Renault Meganne R26.R. They’ll just behave like any other muscle car or hatchback already in the game, except with a different 3D model.


Alpine is 50% Series reward. Might be able to enjoy this one only late in the month. Absolutely beautiful, a new month comes and there’s nothing to play with, nothing to look forward to.

Yet another one of those lists of boring tasks we have to do to get the cars… 100% Playlist has 0.18% completion in Xbox Live, kinda shows how poor of a feature it is.

“Oh but you want to have it easy!!!” Yeah, and I happen to be one of those 0.18%. I can do that all day (or month), but it’s boring.

I just did it last season gone … to aim for 100% … then the F*****s added all these pesky eliminator achievements :frowning:
I hadn’t bothered up to that point most often not bothering to do the playground games …

so I am in that elite (ahem) bunch of 0.18 % ers

what I don’t get is why “enter the Horizon Festival” is less that 80% …surely that should be 100%?