September content update version 1.141.192

see footage of these features in the September Forza Monthly stream replay:

Forza Motorsport 7 September Update
Brian Ekberg
Monday, September 10, 2018

1984 Nissan #11 Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette



I think the Super Silhouette got a 6-cylinder sound instead of its 4-cylinder, but it’s a pretty significant car itself.

Doesn’t get me as hyped as a 320 Turbo would. On the bright side, it means there’s a chance the Silvia comes along as well.

Still nothing on race regulations, sigh…


Well Chris Esaki said 100% it is coming soon in a future (not this month) update.

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That means absolutely nothing. We all know it’s coming, except it’s taking too long, like everything in this game related to improvements and fixes.

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The one time this game had an update ahead of schedule, which was in February, it was one of the the worst updates in Forza history. I’d much rather they adopt a “when it’s done approach” than give us rushed stuff. In fact, the biggest criticism towards FM7 is that it launched before it should have.


The thing is, fm7 should have launched with that feature already. Once they release race regulations it’s probably going to be a mess, because a feature like that requires a lot of data to actually be decent. Imagine if we had a whole year improving that feature already, but instead it going to launch now, full of problems(probably) and will take even more time for it to actually be good. So I rather get it already while they improve it, because everyone knows the multiplayer in this game is horrible and an the update is urgent.

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I’d rather see them take their time in creating a well crafted system than rush and release one that doesn’t work properly.


That is one beautiful race car. :drooling_face:


Still waitin on the PC CTD fixes… maybe this will FINALLY be the month although I somehow doubt it.

Exciting stuff. Not a big drag guy, but with these improvements, that should be fun to mess around with, sounds much more realistic. The Meetup thing should be cool, too, but I’m most excited about another chance to get the Forza Edition Ford GT. I think it’s really something that they’re still putting out major changes/features/updates a year after the thing came out. Nice going T10!

Glad they posted it to their YT channel, missed the stream due to work

It’s a shame the drag doesn’t come with wheelie bars and drag style front/rear tire size disparity. And maybe a funnycar for kicks.

That race car is something I’d generally turn my nose up at, but I seem to recall another similar style race car actually being fun to drive so I’ll just be slightly dubious until I give it a go.

Watch the replay of today’s stream, and you’ll see there will be a separate forum coming for the feedback on the drag racing. NOTE the title of this release of the drag setup: “Experimental”.

Have I missed something?

Are they not doing DLC packs anymore?

Yeah it seems they’ve really back-burnered that one. I guess it’s no biggie in the fact that the three packs that came with that announcement (four if you include Formula Drift) were a bonus anyway, but to see absolutely no mention of it since the first of the non-Hoonigan packs came out? Weird.

As far as this month’s update goes: to me, the update begins and ends with the Skyline Super Silhouette. None of the rest really matters; my hopes for the Experimental Drag feature coming with a DLC pack full of gassers, top fuelers etc. has been dashed; what I see here is an incremental update that will get very little attention – read: probably none – from me. That being said: glad they got it done so they can move on to other things. It’s great for the drag racers, I guess. Just wonder how many players really fall into this category.

Yes they are taking their time to make sure it is implemented well. I am so happy to see this game almost a year old still getting great updates and new features.


Loved that silhouette car ever since I raced it on Gran Turismo 2. Sad to not see any news on the car pack however.

When do we get the Formula Drift Car pack in FM7?

You haven’t received it yet?? Oh wait, fh4 hasn’t been realease yet.

I’m gonna drag tune with drift suspension, hope that’s doable!

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