September 11th Update File size?

I am downloading the game and it continues growing and I find out there is an update so I’m wondering how big the update is so I know how many more days I have to wait to finish this

Total game same on my x1x is 97.6GB

This crazy a 97gb Update ???

That’s his total game size
Not the update size

Update was only about 1gb this time. Cracer was stating the total game file size on the 1x.

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both my sons and mine is doing a 97gb update…cannot think why?

Think it might been asked and answered in your other thread, I believe you said it’s possible you cut power to console, and if it was updating, the game is removed and you download entire game.

Do yourself a favor, don’t play until fully downloaded, and a plus would be to do a full console restart from system menu after download is complete, before playing.

Consider getting a UPS, it’s piece of mind so you don’t have to pull power



Update on a standard Xbox one is over 700mb and xb1x is over 1gb I have updated both my consoles as other family members use Xbox one I use the Xbox one X

I have already applied the September update, now yesterday the game tells me it needs to make a 48gb update !!!

Anyone know what the hell that’s all about?

An update, it’s about 40% of the through, I’ve just loaded up the game and most of the cars are missing from my garage. Anyone any ideas?

A further update, this happened because my external hard drive was unplugged… I’ll get my coat

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