September 11 update sound issue

After I installed today’s update I have no game sound what so ever ?? Not sure what the cause of this is as it worked before the update…I tried a hard restart of the xbox and did the clear cashe by unplugging the power source from the xbox and the wall until the light went out and then replugged everything back in and still nothing. Any ideas what the cause of this is and how it can be fixed ?

Hi :wink:

Take a look in the audio options, maybe the general sound level of the game is on 0…? but you probably already looked that

Yep I looked at that and everything was still set the way it was before the update. I even tried the reset to default and no luck

Looks crazy :confused: sorry for you that sucks… so many issues after updates with this game…

Well, after trying everything possible and getting no response from turn 10. The only option I saw was completely uninstalling the game and reinstalling it …BINGO that fixed the problem. But, I guess that’s what happens when you have a game with to many flaws, bugs or glitches. Seems the updates and fixes that are made break the game further the game was impossible to play with no sound. So now I wasted another day and a half trying to fix the issue myself in which I was able to get the result I needed SOUND !!! If I lost 2 days of service with the internet or phone company or a similar company I would get credit for that !!..Don’t mean to sound rude hear but, turn 10 do you think it’s possible to make this up to your honest, faithful followers that invest in your games and then waste hours and hours trying to fix glitches, bugs and other issues from a broken game just so they can actually play your game ??? Maybe provide some sort of special discount towards the purchase of the next game or provide provide some specific features that are useful that the community wishes or maybe even some sort of refund ??? I know your losing faithful followers because Forza 5 was horrible and now FORZA 7 although not horrible is just so broken it makes it horrible !!!

UPDATE TO ANYONE HAVING ANY ISSUES AT ALL WITH THIS GAME…It seems as though the only true way to resolve your specific issues is to UNINSTALL and then REINSTALL the game. It’s a pain, it’s an inconvenience, it’s a hassle and you lose time playing the game but, after all it’s the only way after so many updates, bugs and glitches from a broken game to truly solve your problem as they say you can only fix something so many times before you have to buy a new one. In this case uninstalling and reinstalling is like buying a new game !!! Don’t worry about your saved data it will come back once you log back into the game after reinstallation as long as you don’t remove it from the cloud !!

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I can not read the “rival” category of replay data after updating. I’m in the event period, so I want you to solve it.

Adter the im having isuses with buying cars i go in and scroll to holden /honda and it freezes and wont load the cars at all and is any one having problems with loading muiltiplayer hopper ?

Im also having issuse with the new update go to buy car and i get to holden and it wont load cars and freezes on me also is any one having issues finding multiplayer server

I’ve started having this new issue where the track loads forever in full-grid Free Play races… and once it loads… it goes into a second loop and says “track loading”… what the heck?!! Why is the track loading twice? Do I now need to uninstall and wait 2 days for the game to reinstall???

I’m posting this here because the sound changes in the background “the pre-race track loading background sound”… also when I’m selecting cars once a track has loaded… the background sounds again change from “pre race sounds” to “track loading background sounds”… if this makes sense.

Anyone else?