Seperate Traction Control For Freeroam and Racing

I was wondering if anyone tought this before or posted a similar topic in forza forums but my idea is, i like switching between online adventures and freeroam a lot and driving without traction control is more fun in freeroam but not competitive in racing for cars with so much power and rwd so i end up going into settings and setup tc in every 5 mins which is not ideal.
Since you cant toggle driving assists on and off in forza horizon 4 it would be such a great feature if difficulty settings or driving assists were seperate for freeroam and racing.
I tought about influence and money rewards and i think they souldnt be affected. Please share your ideas if you think this is a good idea or if you think it is not and why it can not be implemented.
It would be so cool to see this feature in the game if developers happens to see this topic and agree with it.

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If you’re using RWD in online racing then you’re doing it wrong anyway, ie. you’ll never be competitive.

If I was you I would leave it off all the time, if you don’t like switching it every 5 mins.

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That’s your opinion. and that’s not true…

We should have access to these options, while we are racing, like in FM7


Not entirely true, it really depends on the type of event and your skill. Anything but AWD will never be competitive on offroad races but RWD can still be very competitive on road races as long as you’ve got the skill.

Online adventures include off-road races every time (freeroam rush). Even the road races are often wet. Using RWD is thus masochistic at best.

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I know, although I suck at freeroam rush anyway even with an AWD. As for road races you do get left in the dust at launch if you drive an RWD but if you are fast enough and the others aren’t you’ll eventually catch up. I once raced 3 guys from the same club on a route that was apparently created by them and came out victorious. I was driving a stock Ferrari FXX and they were all driving Lamborghinis. The route had lots of offroad sections and I did struggle a lot whenever I went offroad but I was way faster than them on the road.

Let’s see if you agree with this statement then, as you were obviously up against inferior players there.

All things being equal, AWD is more competitive than RWD.

Of course, if you cherry pick your arguments you can say RWD is ‘competitive’ but no, overall, it isn’t. It’s ‘competitive’ if the other drivers are inferior, or make mistakes, and if you don’t include freeroam rush, or wet roads, or snow covered roads, or dirt races.

In that case, yeah AWD is no doubt more competitive. But I hope people don’t quit early just because they’re in an RWD and think they won’t stand a chance. You never really know what might happen.

I am sorry if I couldnt describe my idea correctly but this topic is about adding new game mechanics without breaking its current balance not a workaround for what game already is. Not spinning wheels when full throttle is competitive enought for me instead of making every car awd and wallride fast corners.

The reason changing assists during race is not allowed is understandable since rewards depend on these settings but even if players get a little screen before entering race sessions like in single player races where you can edit your assists would do the trick. For those who dont mind will not be affected but there must be more players who would appreciate this option.

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The thing that bugs me, the traction control comes on randomly. I run no assists but occasionally it’ll pop on by itself. It usually happens on cross country events, which causes me to lose traction ironically. I cant drive the same when that feature is on


I agree that they should at least let us change the assist settings. Nothing in online events is worse than being stuck on the wrong assists for the entire session. If this is doable in FM7 I don’t see why it can’t be done in this game, they would simply need to give us like 10 seconds, which would be more than enough for us to change the settings and would not really prolong a session that would last for around 20 minutes anyway. Normally I check my settings before but occasionally I forget to do that and it’s not exactly fair to be punished for the entire session for a small mistake. Online races are already full of people who would gladly ruin your experience so let’s not make it even more frustrating than it already is.

Not entirely true, it really depends on the type of event and your skill. Anything but AWD will never be competitive on offroad races but RWD can still be very competitive on road races as long as you’ve got the skill.


My personal real-life vehicle has a button for traction control OFF or ON, so why not in-game? I see where you are coming from.

For me though, TC ON changes the car physics so much that I cannot effectively just turn it on and still be an effective driver. So, I just keep TC off and learned to live with it. I do a lot of tuning testing in Freeroam…along with Speedzones, Dangersigns, etc. so it is important that the cars drive the same in any mode.
Also, I play on a PC with a non-force feedback wheel + pedals and I absolutely cannot drive RWD cars with a lot of power. I’ve spent hours trying to tune RWD cars and messed with every wheel setting, but I simply cannot overcome the oversteer. This caused me a bit of distress, but, after learning some nifty tuning tricks, I pretty much tune every class to start with AWD…even Class C! So… I play with all assists off except Driving Line and Rewind and very happily compete at Pro and Unbeatable difficulties.