Separate lobbies for GT series and 70's F1 cars

I really love this game, but for the love of God we need separate lobbies for cars like the DBR9 and 70’s F1cars! There are far too many people using them for every race, which for me is taking the fun out of the game. I don’t think you can have a ‘close’ race when you have exotic super cars against cars that have superior handling. I just think it’s lost the fun of driving a super car to its absolute limit against other similar cars.


+1 for seperate lobbies for f40’s, f50’s, saleen s7’s, 312’s, 787b’s, and lotuses. They’re cheaterboard cars.


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I think some segregation would go a long way to improving the multiplayer experience.

I agree 100% instead of just d c b a s r p x, why not segregate the classes for closer racing. Gt, f1, Indy, v8 super cars… even with regular cars: if you set hp and weight limit with each class the cars will be much more competitive with each other and offer closer racing.

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Its really cool that they update the Rivals sections with new types of races. Would be great if multiplayer got the same attention. It would be fun, as well as increase the value of more cars in the game as opposed to the relative handful used in lobbies. To those who fear empty hoppers, Id say that the time to do this is now. There are lb.'s with hundreds of thousands of names on them. With such a small, and easy, single player game, the time is now to keep people interested. 6months from now, the potential to fill hoppers may not be so great…

…besides, correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems already set up. We’re supposed to be cloud based these days, click a few boxes…see how it works for a week or two…whats the harm?

Head on over to the Racer’s Lounge section of this forum:

Best place to find other players who are interested in running the same types of races as you - that’s why that forum section exists!

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I would like to see a separate GT class lobby for the R rated Aston Martin, Viper, Corvette, Ferrari and BMW. Better yet, get rid of the ABC’s rating system altogether and use the career mode classifications instead.

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It was, and still is somewhat surprising that multiplayer isn’t just a copy/paste of the single player…

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I don’t think it needs to be completely overhauled… like I said the GT and F1 cars need a race mode for those cars only. Then the other lobbies are much more balanced.

For example I entered an R class race in a Pagani Hauyra which I consider a brilliant and fast car, but I got hammered in the corners by the type of cars I mentioned above!! By the time I entered a corner and got onto the straight, the GT series and F1 cars were already half way down the straight! Nobody can really say this is fair racing!!!

Please forgive me as I haven’t picked an Xbox one up yet but how is this different to cars like the old Ferrari dominating r3 leaderboards or the joss in r2 in Forza 4? Yes these f1 cars will be quicker than say a P1 in the corners but if you get to the corner before them and hold your line you can negate their advantage. Plus if these cars had their own lobbies it would only be a matter of time until another car or build replaced them.

Having said this if the higher class lobbies were grouped by race class similar to the career mode it would be good. In forza 4 I do enjoy it when you get a load of people in an R3 lobby all racing the gt cars.

there is no more r3. all r class is a single class and some of the race cars have been downgraded to s class. e and f class are also gone. d c b a s r x. how an formula car isn’t r class but only s class does seem to be a mistake. and they are go cart sized so its easy to not even see them, wrecking both of you.

Im sure it makes sense to someone, but the upper classes look as if someone put a notch in it, and forgot to come back.

The career mode classifications is the way to go, even for the Free-Play.

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I’ve been thinking the PI system needs an overhaul for some time. I’d like the leaderboards to be more balanced. I think it’d be more for if you could take any car within reason and compete on the leaderboards. The ability to race and compete with more cars would help keep things interesting. But the PI system doesn’t seem to weight superb high speed handling ability (light cars with lots of downforce) heavily enough. What you propose may be an even better idea. It may over complicate the leaderboards, but it would probably be good for multiplayer.

I think they could also have the FM wings add more than 100 and 200 lbs of downforce. At least for some cars. Then you wouldn’t get stuck having to race the cars that have high downforce built in.