Sep 15 patch

Any updates on this? Have the devs even been commenting on the problems people are having? The God Mode drivatar AI, the lack of free play options

I wanna know…and if so, link to it and feel free to lock this baby down!

Thanks guys!

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No news yet.

I havent read anything and google turns up nothing but anybodys guess

I really hope they fix the drivatar madness ASAP. I’m so tired of being bumped off the road by drivatars that already have their agression set to low. And I’m tired of always finishing 4th as well no matter what difficulty setting I use.

I find this with Forza Motorsport games that the drivatars are very aggressive, it almost turns into a destruction derby, compared to Pcars I think SMS have nailed it in that sense

So far all I know is that they’ve confirmed to be looking into the drivatar issue as well as the sound on the GT350R

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I did a race earlier where I started on pole and launched well. The drivatar next to me shot out like a rocket ship and before I hit 60 was easily doing 120 and gone. I stayed in a very comfortable 2nd and never saw him again.

I also find that on the indy oval in the Indy cars this is an issue. I am going top speed, not hitting anything, perfect turn every time and the drivatar in first - who should have the same top speed as me - is pulling away and the distance indicator shows him just opening the gap more and more every straight. How? The cars are identical.

I don’t thin the drivatar system is completely broken but hopefully they patch things up a bit to make them better.

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I bet you that drivatar is using NOS!

That does sound odd. I don’t have the game yet so can’t really comment but it could be some sort of daft glitch that loads the wrong information for the drivatars cars? If you this happens do you restart the race at the first menu? If so, does it do the same thing again? I am curious if it does this after every restart but if you were to quit out completely then go back in does it work more “realistically”.

I am not sure what issues others are having with the Drivatars, but the only Drivatar difficulty I cannot come in first in is when I set their difficulty to unbeatable. Granted, it may take several tries to come in first in a given race and my car has to be set up properly.

Luckeydoug - what I said doesn’t happen all the time and that’s why it is strange. I play one difficulty beneath unbeatable for now and have no problem coming in first often. When this happens though there is no way I can come in first. It’s strange - so I’d be unsure if it is a bug or not but so many people are saying the same thing.

Fair enough. Thanks for the explanation!

I will watch more carefully for this. So far, most, if not all of my non-first place finishes can be directly attributed to something stupid I have done. My biggest problem has been getting use to the new handling when trying to turn while braking.


Im sure a patch will help a lot of these issues…All I know is and yes its kind of sad to have to think this way but forza 6 launch is way better then project cars was.I really love forza 6…


If you cant be bothered to look for the information yourself then dont start a thread expecting others to do it for you.