Senna for playing the demo

Just got a message the Microsoft about getting the Mcclaren Senna for playing the demo. Glad I hadn’t already bought it.


Well i got the same message for playing the demo and when I downloaded the actual game and started playing I never got it so we’ll see I guess.

Well, I got a message about the demo way back, but just received another message that gave a code for Senna.

The original message never said anything about a gift car

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Huh, I’ll recheck my messages and see if I have a code but I don’t recall seeing one. You may be right though, i’ll check later.

Edit: I just double checked my messages and you are correct, I had a code waiting there for me. It somehow snuck in under the radar and I missed it. I’m glad I saw your post about it so that remembered to take a look there.

Yep i got that yesterday, very nice. Today i got a code for a Mclaren 720 2018 and a limited edition black festival jumper. Fair play to playground games.

you have to download a separate sort of add on that gives you the senna. the message from Xbox Live should have given you the 16 digit code.

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Hmm. I already have one that I won from a wheelspin. Should be nice to get a duplicate to sell for some extra money in the AH.

So off topic but I love your signature. The luck, or lack of hahah

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Havent got one yet

Got the message tonight too. Redeemed the code an the car showed up in my garage. Sweet!

As somebody who purchased the Senna as one of my first vehicles in the game, this is disappointing. Wish PG/T10 would’ve mentioned this prior to the full game release. There goes 1,000,000 credits.


Well sell the one you have

Nobody knew about it

Still waiting on the preorder car …actually thought this was it

Still a big loss of in game credits, if I can even find somebody to buy it for under half it’s price in the auto show.

my free senna never arrived so if you are interested i give you 600k xD

Have we really gotten to a point where people are complaining about free cars?


I’m “complaining” about having spent 1,000,000 credits on a vehicle in a game that’s 2 weeks old, only for it to be sent to the majority of the players now for free.

Give us all the free vehicles they’d like—there’s a ton of vehicles that are yet to be unlocked in game. The only thing that bothers me about this, is that it’s a high amount of credits in a short period after release for players to have already spent on a car that is now being sent out for free, without anyway to recoup much of that. And in a game where it’s easier to land repeat “Epic” & “Legendary” clothing or horns or phrases than 1,000 credits or a vehicle in a wheelspin.

Well it wasn’t exactly for free. It was for running through the first season or several seasons of play in the Demo. On the plus side though I suppose you can still sell one of them to recoup most if not all of the credits you spent, and an added bonus for me is I can now clear out the Demo from my HD and free up a little more much needed space.

I also got a another message with a 2 codes in addition to the Senna one which gifted me a McLaren 720s and a black jumper.


Yep, finally the pre order bonus lol.

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Its past that
People complain about everything
It’s the way some people are nowadays

This is a gift we werent expecting…

Its only a million pretend credits anyway…not like its 5 or 10 million

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