Selling or trading cars question

Hello can you tell me if there is a safe way to trade my Ferrari 599xx e? I want to sell or trade 2 of them but im worried about unsuccesfully transaction on auction house because i cant sell him there for price i want. I heard there is another way to trade cars i Forza horizon 4 than auction house. Is it true or i need to risk and combine selling another cars to take money and after that sell main car?

Forget about it, 95% your car will get caught by bots/scripts within milliseconds.

Players aren’t allowed to gift cars to people yet. If you tried selling a rare car like the 599xx evo on the auction house, it would get bought within seconds. I’m still waiting for the developers to add a car and money gifting feature. Many people have so many duplicate cars that they need to delete them to avoid reaching the garage limit. Why not allow the players to give some of these duplicate cars away to friends?

Game team answer : because of black market.

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Heeh so bad :frowning: i though i will make some money on theese ferraries because i have 3 :slight_smile: Selling directly is not bad idea, just make minimum price to sellout cars and you cant sell cheaper and Black market and giving cars free wot be able. Ps. so i had very big luck because i bought my ferraries on auction house manually.

So it is bad :frowning: i though i will make some money on them because i have 3. Direct sellout would be good if every car would have minimum price to sell, or just giving people possibility to sell cars for more money in auction house, not only for ppl who have 50k downloads… Ps. I bought my ferraries manually on auction house, so i get very lucky :slight_smile:

Sorry for double post, i though it didnt add but added with delay.