Selling large amount of Forza Edition and rare cars (updated list)

All cars below are for sale, the less rare cars are going for low budget prices!

812 superfast
Jeep TrackHawk
Jeep Grand Cherokee
720S PreOrder Edition
'19 911 GT3 RS
Cadillac Limo
Mclaren Senna
Alfa 8C FE
Vulcan FE
Aventador FE
Nova FE (2x)
Falcon FE
Renault Turbo FE
Peugeot FE
Volkswagen FE (2x)
Defender FE (3x)
BMW M6 FE (2X)
Elise GT1 (2x)
2018 Cayenne Turbo

Interested ? Send me on gamertag Louic418

also selling Austin Taxi┬░

Hello! 1 million for 2019 GT3RS