Selling duplicate cars from your garage

Can we finally be able to sell our duplicate cars from the garage. Not everyone has time to sit there waiting for their cars to sell on the auction. Also some cars dont even sell on the auction because they are so common. I personally dont feel like hooking up and painting every duplicate car I want to get rid of just so it may have a better chance to sell on the auction. Please consider this and make it happen.


Welcome to r/forza. Loyalty is everything, and everything is nothing. Your suggestions have been noted.

The Auction House feature is meant to encourage (not force) player participation. Receiving credits for cars via removal is uncertain. This can be proven by looking at the removal/addition back and forth since FM4. We will certainly look into implementing this, but cannot guarantee suggested features, however vital to offline/solo players, will be implemented. (Also disregarding whether or not the feature existed in previous titles.)

This is an automated response. Stay tuned to see if your suggestions get thrown out.