Selling designs

Do you get notified if you sell some thing from the store ??

Yes; just like in FM4, you will get a message saying “Money Received” for whatever amount you get from selling your stuff. hope this helps!

This is the reason I asked. I have had two payments for 1000cr. But don’t know why ? Other then I must have sold something, But what ?? :frowning:

go to the storefront and check out your own items, then you would be able to see how many times you’ve sold the paint :wink:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer

Like the guy earlier said, it tells you that you have a message and then says you have credits to collect. Then go to the paint shop, storefront, my designs, and it should show you all the designs you posted and how many each one is selling for and how many you sold. I’ve made about 350-400k just on paint and I’ve only had the game a few months.

I’m fairly new to all this but have also sold quit a few designs. Yet am not a great designer so am pleased with what I have done.

Please check out my store front and leave comments here.
I’m fairly new to all this but am loving the challenge of designing something people might like to share.