Selling Cars & Collector Score

Quick question… does selling a car in your garage effect your collector score or is your collector score locked in upon purchase/ winning of the vehicle? Thanks in advance for your responses.

It was mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago by a player who sold back some cars that there Tier went down. Do not know if this has been confirmed guess we will find out when the messages start to pop up. I was Tier xx and it has gone down Why post.


if you buy a duplicate car you do not collect the points for the second one so i would have to assume that once you collect the score for a certain car those points are locked in and would not be reversed.


no it will not go down, i selled half of the cars that i had ( tier 26 ) and the tier still the same


^^^Exactly, your tiers point do not go down and you do not get points for receiving / purchasing the same car again.


SWEET… thanks or the info gents… time to cull out the unwanted vehicles out of my virtual garage.

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Your Tier Level doesn’t reduce but selling cars does have consequences on your collection score. There are messages in the game about this.

From the Help section in the Car Collection screen:

Removing cars from a car collection doesn’t decrease the collection tier, but it will increase the collector score required to reach the next tier. Keep this in mind when selling cars in the auction house.

Now THAT is total madness then.
The Auction House has been live for less a week and already using it has deep impact on the core mechanic of car collecting.
Please remind me to check the other player’s collector scores and not just the tier, they might just be faking it.

Since you asked for the COLLECTOR SCORE and not the tier, yes it goes down.

There is even an ingame message for this ! like msb247 and X1 Two posted above.

Just check it by yourself. In the moment you put a car for auction the COLLECTOR SCORE (upper right corner) inside the car collection menu goes DOWN!

The COLLECTOR TIER on the other hand is never effected.

You only have effects on the ingame mechanics selling cars before reaching COLLECTOR TIER 5. Everything after is only fancy numbers.

“Selling cars can reduce the player’s Collector Score but does not lock out the player from any recently-unlocked Tiers.”