Segregate between Xbox and PC

Hi Mods could youplease update the site to have discussions separated between PC and Xbox?? It’s pretty annoying constantly reading about PC crash topics and the such. Thank you.

Xbox owners are having crashes to dashboard, I’m not complaining about seeing that. No-one is forcing you to read the posts.


You’re right no one is forcing me to read the posts. But when most of them are posts for the PC it makes it difficult to find topics concerning the Xbox version.

I do think it should be mandatory that people should state [PC] or [Xbox1/S/x] in the title. I do if I post an issue. But separate forums? I don’t think that is necessary.

yes it’s confusing when someone dont precise if is playing on xbox one fat or xbox one s or pc and with the x coming soon separated topics could make it easier for everyone.

I mean you could always use the useful rooty-tooty searching system

Be careful with your suggestions. The more you bring awareness to this feature, the higher the chance of Turn10 either removing it or making you pay to use it. :wink:


A simple checkbox when you open a new topic would be the go. New topic > Xbox > PC and then it opens and places it in the heading.

Already in the FAQ it’s asked to include platform. People don’t read/don’t care.

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