[SEFx] [FANTASY] & [RACE] Red Dead Redemption 2

Hey guys and girls,

I’ve been painting in forza since 2007 and here you can find my latest creations for FM7!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Ford DeLuxe

Maloo WiP

Take care of the painting and tuning community by downloading AND liking what you download, that way they get something in return!

Thanks for checking out my gallery!


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Hey sanke how are you dude, good to see you will be pumping out paints in FM7

I will be sure to collect them all & showcase them over at my gallery



Hey Ion / NiZ… glad to be ‘back’ , good to see you around ! :wink::grinning::+1:t2:

Looking forward to seeing what Master SnakeEyes comes up with for FM7.

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Nice work buddy!

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Glad you got the game in time Snake, grabbed the Core design… Cor!!! :sunglasses:

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Great to see you back Snake and with a great start.

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Great to see you in FM7 Snake!
Glad the Core moved over!


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Thanks guys! :grinning::grinning: will be racing a bit before really jumping into the booth :grinning::muscle:t2:

an episode of FM without Mr.snake
would not have had the same flavor !!
glad to see you here.
Core is part of mine.sublime!!

Added a couple ‘placeholder’ images… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

WOW you’ve been busy!! The game isn’t even out over here until tomorrow!

Well… these are imports from FH3 and FM6… so just been busy importing… :grin:

Thanks Ryn!

Ow… if you find anything that looks like it has shifted in these designs … let me know and i’ll fix it ASAP!

Gorgeous work as always! Glad to see that Pepper is back.

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Hi Snake, Yeah you have been busy, nice start. Hey, are you sharing your designs without putting them on the car first?

Yeah… hoping they come through good… havent had a chance to get enough credits to view them all… or can we paint cars we don’t own again?

Yeah we can, downside is just we have to take pics of it in the poor light of the editor. Seeing as we’re used to porting across games now, I guess there’s no harm in using previous screenshots from Horizon 3? Especially as the car/design combo remains the same?

1967 Brabham BT24 - Rocket Raccoon

Loving the updates snake, i want them all :slight_smile:

Took this little beauty out last night on a track ive missed sooo much :slight_smile:

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Awesome shots NiZ!!! Love um!!