Seeking Skilled Photographers

I am the owner of the Forza Photography Official Facebook group and have turned it into a very successful group since it’s birth in 2016. That’s just a brief bio about who I am. However, who I am looking for, are decent photographers.

I am looking to start a crew of skilled Forza Photographers. I will be seeking a minimum of roughly 6 members before giving the photography crew a name. If you are interested in joining & forming a crew of superstar photographers, which will be based on Facebook, Instagram and here on the forums, then please reply to this post with one of your best shots. If I think you are decent, I’ll be in touch and sooner than later to form something big.

The crew will feature it’s own watermarks to prevent photos being stolen.


hey r u still looking for photographers?

this thread was written 8 months ago and the OPs last post to the forums was in Feb, I think if youre interested you should probably try and contact him via live.