Seeking friends and/or race competitors

Hello everyone! I’m new to this board, but not new to Forza racing. I’ve been playing since Forza Motorsport II (on another account, on my Xbox 360) and this spring I purchased myself a Logitech G920 wheel set. Recently I also added a Playseat Challenge to my setup, which I obviously want to take advantage of and do some racing! :slight_smile: So far I’ve been playing career and Rivals, but I kind of want to try racing directly against other players. I’ve tried multiplayer a few times, but first of all it seems to take a looong time to actually find opponents to play against and then there’s the issue of a lot of players driving recklessly. So I’m hoping to find some people here, who might be up for racing occasionally. My online times are a little erratic and the best chance of me getting into an online race is probably during European weekend mornings.

Despite having played the series for quite some years, I’m not a super skilled driver actually :stuck_out_tongue: Or at least I don’t consider myself to be, but again I have little to compare against, since I’ve more or less never played online. What I can say is that in my career mode I alter between ‘Expert’ and ‘Pro’ Drivatar levels. As far as driving assist goes, I drive with braking line on, TCS enabled and automatic clutch. Every other assist is set to simulation or off. I hope that gives an idea of what level I’m on so I can find something close to my own level for racing. I’m also interested in adding people to my friends list so I can compare my times with you guys in Rival racing.


hey matey hows it going ? I don’t know if you would be interested but I am part of a club call TNGC international {Tuesday nite game crew } we a small group looking for members to join us ag grow the group. All we are botherd about is clean racing an sportsmanship an above all else HAVE FUN we are a group of over mainly 30’s currently we have a couple of series running at the min
Theres a couple of guys who use wheels including me an a playseat too lol and with some advice from the others iv managed to shave a second off my times
There is always someone on to jst have a mess about or jst to chat or ask some advice so if we sound like something your interested in send me a message on here or on xbox and I can give you some more details hope to spk swn happy racing