Second Season Car Pass?

I doubt its happening since they have released two packs now… but did they ever come out and say why they didn’t do a second car pass?

Well they never have done one but no there is no official announcement.

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I imagine Turn 10 is all out on Forza 7?

I’ve never understood why they don’t just make the initial Car pass cover everything.

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because they do not know exactly how many car packs there will be at that time most likely

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I’m fairly sure they’ve got a good idea how many they’ll do. The past few games have all had packs released after the pass ends, it wouldn’t take too much effort to note down how many they’ll actually be doing and cover them all with one pass.

It’s business. You make more money if you sell two of something. Get over it.


And people will complain when they skip a month like when they released the hot wheels pack
There has never been a full 12 months of packs either
So how will they set the price of it

Maybe make it 9 months with an increase to cover those extra 3 months
But then they might release 1 or 2 more then what

I agree that it should be 1 pass to cover all
Same as they should make the ultimate edition cover everything as well…it might cost over $200 for some but it would be one charge instead of a few

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